Can I Use Thicker Paper In My Printer?

Laser printers and Inkjet printers are used to produce prints on thick paper. One needs to configure your printer so that users can adjust its settings as per their requirements. The laser and inkjet printers permit you to adjust the settings as per your paper type. Learn more about it in the below lines.

Can we change the paper thickness in my printer?

Well, we can change the paper thickness in the printer by clicking on the setting n the driver. Press the Quality/Paper tab in the printer driver properties windows. It is a simple procedure through which you can change the paper thickness by choosing either custom-created paper size or standard-size paper.

How to adjust the thickness of the paper on the printer?

  • Every printer has an option for a paper thickness setting. You need to follow some steps. They are here.
  • On your printer, click on the “Menu” button.
  • Choose “custom Paper” using the arrow keys of up and down.
  • Click on “OK”
  • On the printer, you will get the number range to adjust the thickness level from one to fifteen.
  • You will get the indication of the standard paper sheet and maximum thickness that the printer model can manage.
  • On the printer’s user manual, you will get an indication about the most suitable setting for all types of paper being printed.
  • Check the file that needs to print on the system and open it.
  • Click on the “File” button from the top menu.
  • Now, press the Print icon.

How to Print on Thick Paper Epson?

  • Power on the computer and printer
  • Click on the home icon
  • Choose the Setup
  • Select “Printer Setup”
  • Select “Thick Paper”
  • Choose “On”
  • Click on the home button to exit

This is the time to set the Print size, orientation, color, quality, and other parameters from the device to your model are connected. Press the Print button after adjusting the parameters.

Guide to print on Canon

  • Access to the setting of the printer
  • Click on the Menu button.
  • Choose the toolbox utilizing the right and left cursor buttons.
  • Press the OK icon and choose the thick paper using the up and down cursor buttons
  • Click on the OK icon.
  • Set the important parameters like Print size, orientation, color, and quality utilizing the device to which it is connected
  • Click on the Print icon.

What should be the maximum Paper thickness?

Laser printers are versatile devices that print loads of printers. If you want to do printing on thick paper easily and hassle-free, then you must be informed of the GSM limits of the laser printer. Some laser printers are compatible with the 220gsm limits because they are configured with this paper thickness.

What is the paper thickness for laser inkjet?

With the help of the Inkjet printers, one can print loads of paper. It enables a user to take prints of the different documents with the difference in weight. You can use various paperweights to print photos or other types of printing. However, all the printers cannot manage all types of paperweights since each printer has certain limits. The inkjet photo papers or bond papers are available in 24 to 72 pounds. The term heavyweight does not mean a heavyweight paper compared to the other type. Paper that is utilized to print the paper can be thicker than the average one.

A step-by-step guide to changing paper thickness on an HP Printer

  • Access the document
  • Press Properties to access the driver’s setting of the Printer
  • Click on the paper Setting tab; it allows you to pick various media types that the printer handles.
  • Choose the type of paper such as cardstock, Glossy Cardstock, and others
  • Ensure the other adjustments and settings, such as paper size and quality.
  • Press OK and then Print
  • It is done

What to do if Photo Paper is too thick?

On rare occasions, most of the users face the issue of paper feeding. It comes into seen when an older printer is in your use. If your printer is rolling your paper with a delay or cannot pull the paper, it can be a great hassle. These issues can cause uneven prints. Some of the reasons for this issue are here.

The overall thickness of the paper is higher than the printer’s capacity. It means that the paper is too thick for the rollers to handle efficiently.

If the printer’s rollers are worn-out or dirty and need service due to frequent use, you may face the problem of paper feeding. It is important to clean the rollers with white spirit or acetone. This issue will improve the efficiency of the printer.

To increase the functionality of the rollers, it is important to place some sheets of the sample papers to help in feeding by enhancing the pressure on the printer rollers.

Some printers are compatible with the papers with a maximum thickness of 280gsm with convenience. You need to check your printer’s specifications when selecting thick paper, especially fine art photo paper or art paper.

By pushing the rollers, you can handle the paper passed or caught by them. You need to handle this process gently if you use Canon or Epson printers. Although they are user-friendly products, it is important to handle them carefully. These are the popular brands in the industry that are famous for offering high-quality printers so that you can get high-quality printers with modern configurations.


Both laser and inkjet printers can manage different paperweights and thicknesses. There are various types of printers available in the market that comes with multiple specifications. It enables the users to produce prints on various types of paper. However, most of the users face the problem of adjusting different paper thicknesses. This problem is because they have limited information related to the capacities and abilities of various models to manage different paper types.

We all know that every printer can handle certain paper thicknesses. It is good to choose the printer as per the paperweight.

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