How to Print Double-Sided on Google Docs?

This article will teach you how to print double-sided on Google Docs. It’s easy to do and will save paper! Double-sided printing can be used on any computer using the Google Docs software.

Duplex printing or double-sided printing means printing on both sides of the paper. However, Google doc printing on both sides is not the same as one-sided printing. One-sided printing means you need to print on one side and leave the other blank. Double-sided printing is efficient as it secures expenses and provides printing on both sides of the paper. It is a money-saving opportunity and energy. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly opportunity that saves the waste of paper.

Can we use Google-doc for double-sided printing?

It allows you to manage, produce, and edit your documents with spreadsheets and Microsoft Word applications. Google Docs provides all features for free online. From Google Docs, it is easy to print with the assistance of the built-in function in your web browser. It customizes by going into settings before when the printing begins. It offers the printing possibility on double sides on the multi-page papers to save it. By default, some printers come with the specifications to print double-sided on Google docs. Some of the printers demand for manual efforts since they do not come with the feature of auto double-sided printing. Both printer types can print Google docs. Learn more about this type of printing in the below lines.

Duplex printers offer Double-Sided printing, beginning with Google Docs

Go to Google Docs to start printing. Choose the file that you need to print. You can pick the current document or begin printing from the other one. Choose the paper from the themes range in the collection.

  • Select the file tab

On the left side of the screen, there is a file tab. Select the option in the taskbar. The File Manu appears when you click on it.

  • Press the Print button

 You can see the print option at the end of the File menu. When you click on the Print icon, you can see the print window is displaying. On the Print setting, you can make changes. By pressing the Ctrl + P, you can give the command to print the document. For Mac users, the command is the same instead of the preceding methods. These are shortcut keys that can save your time.

  • What to do for double-sided printing?

Go to more settings. You can see setups on the print screen, such as destination and Color. Under this area, there is an option for More Settings. Now, you can choose double-sided printing here.

  • Choose the box beside the Two-sided option

Under the scale box, you can see the option of Two-Sided. Click on the box for this option and show the drop-down choice. This drop-down option is shown automatically and under the two-sided option on some computers. Flip on the long edge and Flip on the short edge are two alternatives. The printer switches the papers from the wide edge of the paper with the flip on the long edge. On the other hand, you can switch to the shorter edge with the flip on the short edge.

  • Use the system dialogue to print

Get access to the dialogue Print at the bottom of the More Settings. Now, you can choose Print through system dialogue. Once you select this mode, your framework asks users to begin a new Window. Change the Printer Properties in this box. Choose two-sided printing from the Preferences Menu. In this way, you can adjust your Google Docs Print settings.

  • Choose Print

Click Print after you have improved the printer’s properties to your liking. We suggest you check the Google Docs preview to check if you have picked the correct options.

What to do with Manual Printer for double-sided Printing?

You can begin your printing via Google Docs. It does not matter which printer you are using. You can print the Google Doc on both sides. It involves one additional step. Follow these steps here.

  • Beginning Google Doc

If you want to go further with Google Docs, go to it. Pick the file that you want to print. Select any one of them here.

  • Choose the file tab

On the upper left side of your screen, you can see a file tab. It is the initial selection option in your taskbar. File Menu pops up when you choose it.

  • Go to Print

At the File menu button, the print function is located there. When you choose the print button, the Print window appears. Now make changes to the Print Settings here. Give the command to the system with the Ctrl + P for printing.

  • Printing per Page

The Pages button in the Print Window assists in selecting the document pages you need to print. The printer will print a single page side and then move on with the double-sided printing. Select the custom option and insert the odd numbers like 3, 7, and 9 for printing.

  • System Dialogue

Select More Settings, and pick the color option. You can see Print via system dialogue at the end of the section. By selecting this option, you can take to another dialogue box. Now adjust the page number here.

  • Click Print

Press the Print Button after completing all the adjustments

  • Turn the bunch of papers over

Flip the bunch of papers, and you can print them quickly here.

  • Select the even pages

Open the Print Window again; select the even pages number this time. Give the command for printing.

  • Click on Print

For printing the remainder sheets in the file, click on Print.

  • Point to be noted

It is suggested to avoid double-sided printing with a manual printer because it does not allow double printing. You need to change the sides of the papers manually since it will enable only single-sided printing. 


The duplex printers are competent to manage this type of printing to prevent switching manually every time. You can use manual printers for double-sided printing but it can be a hassle. These are not user-friendly. If you want to go for double-sided printing, you must focus on type of printer you are using. 

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