How to Print White on Black Paper

Word processing software makes it simple to choose the different colors for your text. You may even choose the white color. However, it will disappear if you print white text on white paper because it is as challenging as seeing a white snowflake in a sea of snow. Word ignores text displayed as white when you try to print it. Due to the fact that mainly, printers (including colors printers) employ one to four colors, such as magenta, black, yellow, and cyan. A regular printer cannot print the white ink.

 As we all know, there is a solution to every problem. You should purchase an ink cartridge or a particular printer that enables you to print white ink on the paper. In this situation, you would not use white to format your text in Word. The black text would appear white because you exchanged the printer’s black ink cartridge with a white ink cartridge. And use black paper instead of white paper to get better graphics or text printed by using white ink.

Easy Steps for Printing White Ink on Black Paper

If you want to print white on black, you’ll need to adjust your printer’s settings.

  • Check your printer’s settings and read all of the instructions written on it.
  • Go to the cartridge section and open it.
  • Remove the black ink cartridge from the printer.
  • White ink should be used in place of it.
  • Put the black paper in the tray instead of white. Your printer is now set up to print white on paper. You are now able to print any of your papers.

How to print white text on black paper

Follow the steps given below for printing white text on black paper

1: Open your word processing program (Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or whatever you like) and type in the text you wish to print in ordinary black font to verify the document’s layout and properly check the content of the document.

2:  After typing, use the mouse to select and highlight the text.

3: In the upper left corner of the word processor software, there is an icon of the letter “A” with a filled color line under it. When you click on this symbol, a menu with a wide range of colors will appear. Select white paint from the drop-down selection. The selected content will be replaced with white text.

4: If you’re okay with the document format, you can print it as usual. Simply go to the word processor’s menu and select the print function. You’ll be asked to choose the number of pages you want to print if you wish to print on both sides of the sheet or single print per sheet, and other options on the pop-up screen. Press OK if you have done with all the process.

Your white ink documents will be printed in a short span of time.

How to print white images on black paper

Follow the steps given below for printing a white image on black paper

1: Go to the software program that better serves the extent of image formatting that will be required. You can use a professional photo editing application like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign for more intricate alterations or yours trustworthy Windows Paint for easy edits. The application’s fill function will make it simple for you to create prints.

2: Paint the image backdrop with black color using the ‘Fill’ icon from the command keys. You will design a box encompassing the entire canvas space and fill it with black for advanced editing applications. While for the Paint software, just select the black color from the fill color tray.

3: The foreground color must be changed to white. If you want to add white text, start typing in a white font or change the color of any previously entered text to white.

4: Insert sheets in the input tray and press the “Print” option once your image is ready. For photos, both white and black papers will suffice. Your white-on-black photo is now completed to print.

Now it will be pretty simple for you to print white on black paper if you follow these basic guidelines.

Why Is White Ink So Difficult to Use?

If you want to see the impression of white ink on dark paper, you have a few possibilities, but white ink is usually not one of them. Printing white is frequently more costly than other color inks printings regardless of the method used. Some commercial print shops efficiently print white ink on black paper, but they charge a lot for their services.

The large percentage of offset printing inks is translucent, but a translucent white ink will not cover a dark-colored paper. For proper coverage, many application of opaque white ink is required, which raises the costs of a print. Consider painting a room that was previously painted a dark color white. The white paint must be applied in numerous coats to ensure complete coverage, or the underlying dark stain would darken the white paint. The time spent by the print shop staff cleaning the printing press to remove all residues of other ink colors that might contaminate the white ink is also a cause of the increase in the charges of white ink print. 

How to Disable Color Cartridges?

By disabling the color cartridges on your printer, you can only print documents in black ink. This will help you save your costly colored ink for more crucial print tasks. Windows users can view the preferences for each printer. The “grayscale” mode is a helpful feature, which prints in black ink only and disables the color ink cartridges until the setting is converted back to color. On certain printers, removing the color ink cartridges achieves the same result, while on others, the cartridges are removed, or the colored ink level is low, the printer will not function.

  • From the Windows “Start” button, choose “Devices and Printers.”
  • Right-click your printer and select “Properties” from the menu bar.
  • Click on “Advanced” from the menu. Select “Printer Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the “Color” tab and check the “Print in Grayscale” box to print in black ink alone.
  • To make changes and close the windows, press the “OK” button on each dialog box.

While printing white on black, some questions are frequently asked by people here; we have given answers for all of you.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how to print white on black paper. We know how frustrating it can be when you don’t know how to do something or think it’s impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any printer is able to print white ink?

Inkjet printers and standard laser printers are unable to print white on black. This is because conventional printers employ a four-color process such as (magenta, cyan, black, and yellow). These colors are not opaque, so they won’t appear on dark paper.

Is It Possible to Print White Ink On Kraft Paper?

You can print various colors on Kraft paper, but we cannot print white. A particular printer is required for this purpose.

How Can I Get My Printer to Print In Black?

You have to mix the Silver ink with opaque white ink for this purpose. Some printer manufacturers supply white ink with their printers, although it is pretty expensive. Screen printing can be used on clothing and plastic goods.

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