Best Portable Printers for Laptop (2022 Review)

For the business owners who need to go to business meetings off and on and need instant presentations, the best portable printers for laptop can be the ultimate option for them. By combining the printing ability into a compact device, you can slip it into a backpack or a laptop bag. It allows you to print photos and documents anytime, time, and anywhere. These printers are available with mobile printers, optional Battery, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. These printers come with versatility and high functionality to make your tasks simple to manage.

If you are new to the industry, you need to explore the market and learn about the device’s specifications. An excellent printer is compact and small. Not only this, it weighs five pounds. These innovative models are available with rechargeable batteries and car chargers for use on the road. Many portable models are available in the market despite the small size. They offer full-page printing with innovative technology. Using these products will have fun and peace of mind because it helps you print business proposals and reports immediately without wasting your time. It can be the best option for the users.

These models ratchet up the portability because it comes with exotic technologies like thermal printing in black and white. The printers shift some functions like copying and scanning the documents to another device like a laptop. You can learn about some essential factors to buying the best portable printer for laptop. For the majority of the users, it is not easy to choose the best one because they have to lack knowledge about those printers. If you have the same issue, you must read our quick shopping tips, which are incredibly helpful.

We’ve tested and assessed the top models for home and little office use from the four significant printer producers: Brother, Canon, Epson and HP. Whether you print for business or individual use, at home or in an office, we have the best printer for you. While a few models on this rundown are presently not inaccessible, we are right now during the time spent testing another round of printers, and will refresh this rundown with our most recent picks not long from now. Return soon for our most modern decisions on the best printers during the current year.

Quick Shopping Tips

It is essential to learn about quick shopping tips when you buy the best printers that offer mobility. Some of the factors that you need to keep in mind are here.

Battery: Most portable printers come with batteries. It is essential because it allows you to manage your printing task in areas where a power supply is unavailable. These are the essentials that need to be bought in addition to the printer itself. Do not ignore this feature if you plan to buy the best portable printer. A lithium-ion battery is the best feature of the printer. It improves the life span and printing productivity. All the printers offer car-charging options that are ideal for the vehicle. This factor makes printing or sales calls during a road trip.

Wi-Fi connectivity: The best portable printer for laptops supports a Wi-Fi connection to utilize them wirelessly with all your devices like PC, smartphones, and others. Laptops and tablets support Wi-Fi connection, but some models perform exclusively through the USB cable. It is compatible with Wi-Fi direct technology. It makes your printing tasks simple and easy to manage your work without hassle. You can use devices without any router. All these items are straightforward to manage and control with the simple connectivity option.

Software compatibility: It is one of the vital features you need to check while buying a portable printer. It is compatible with PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and others. Purchasing a printer and then not being able to utilize it because of compatible drivers or apps can be a mess for you. Choose the printer with efficient software that allows easy printing. Your portable printer must offer a solid colour quality. This is a highly excellent device that is easy to use.

There are many other factors that you should consider here, including functionality, speed, colour quality, and others. For portable printers, the 3 elements are essential.

Best Portable Printers for Laptops At a Glance:

  1. HP OfficeJet 250
  2. Canon PIXMA TR150
  3. Brother PocketJet PJ773
  4. Brother Mobile Monochrome Printer
  5. Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer
  6. HP Sprocket Select

The Best Portable Printers for Laptop You Can Buy Today

HP OfficeJet 250
HP OfficeJet 250 (Image credit: hp)

HP OfficeJet 250

Best Wireless Portable Printer for Laptops


Versatile and multi-functional item

Long-life battery

One-year warranty

Quiet device


Not efficient wireless printing

Needs more scanning features

Enjoy the versatility of the HP OfficeJet 250 because it can copy, scan, and print from anywhere. This portable all-in-one printer is terrific because it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity options to your printer. The Battery comes with a long life span so that you will enjoy its functionality for a long time. The quiet workhouse is highly fantastic to deliver the most pages. This printer is suitable for telecommunicates and mobile professionals who want a reliable and high-quality device. You can take it with you anywhere for the business meeting. The lightweight device is portable and provides professionalism to provide business presentations immediately.

This is the best wireless portable printer for laptops since it meets productivity. It contains a ten-page automatic document feeder that offers instant scan, copy, and multipage print documents. The document feeder makes your hands free and saves your energy. You can print and connect simply from your mobile devices and laptop. It begins printing right out of the box with the easy and instant setup utilizing HP Auto Wireless Connect. This compact, durable, all-in-one unit fits your backpack and allows for convenient printing. It leads the way with easy and fast mobile printing.

This unit decreases charging interruptions with a long-lasting battery. Get the maximum page yields with the original HP cartridges. You will undoubtedly enjoy the pace for success with the fast print speeds. You will enjoy copying, scanning, and printing with the color touchscreen. Due to the reliability and high-powered quality, it is an excellent fit for office, car, and home. Its quiet performance and premium design make it ideal for all users. It is a user-friendly device that comes with beautiful specifications. It is highly remarkable for the users to enjoy its high functionality and efficiency. No doubt, this best portable printer for mac laptops can be your best because of the several high-tech features.

The printers is sleek and slim. It is literally lightweight because you can weigh it that is about three pounds. If you are looking for a small device, then this is the right option for you because you can take it with you in the office, college or other places where you want.


  • Print speed ISO: Up to 10 ppm black, up to 7 color
  • HP Auto Wireless Connect, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth
  • Print speed on AC: up to 7 ppm; On Battery: up to 6 ppm
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi for black print
  • Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color 
Canon PIXMA TR150
Canon PIXMA TR150 (Image credit: Canon)

Canon PIXMA TR150

Best Portable Printer for Laptop Computers


Comes with a quiet operation method

Simple to use

5.5ipm color and 9ipm mono


The low page yield for both black and color documents

Slow printing speed

If you want an instant presentation, then this printer can help you. It is portable and a light wireless printer that allows easy connectivity. You will get effortless smartphone control. This is the best printer that gives you professional results. It can be the best portable printer for laptop computers because it offers versatility. For instant-fire results, save up to five templates and print in just a click away. It is a user-friendly product that comes with several intelligent features. You can enjoy its functionality without any hassle at your pace. Its quiet performance and premium design make it ideal for all users.

This portable printer is ideal for taking from one place to another since; it comes with a travel light. The robust, light, and sleek traits suit your business move. It is slim so that you can keep it in a tight space. All connections and cables are fixed to one side for space-saving efficiency. You can pair it with your device due to the accessible connectivity features. It helps you print wirelessly with AirPrint, Canon Print app, Mopria, Windows 10 Mobile, etc. You do not need to use any internet router. It is an ideal device for you. The majority of the users like this best canon portable printer for laptops because of its versatility and efficiency.

The results of this printer are exclusive. Receive sharp prints with high quality in darker areas. It comes with the hybrid ink with the dedicated pigment; black ink creates quick text while dye-based colors give vivid prints with up to 100 years of album life. You can check ink, connection status, and print through 1.44″ OLED. It is a quiet device with a quick print speed of about 9ipm mono and 5.5ipm color. The device comes with several dynamic features like easy to operate interface. This is the best option for those who want a reliable product with simple operation. Not only this, its innovative features make it an ideal device for your office.

So, this nice looking printer is highly amazing with its cool appearance. The bright blue color makes it more adorable for college students. The stream printer is made of plastic material, and the plastic body contains ridges on the lid because it offers a solid grip with a great texture.


  • Canon PRINT app, AirPrint (iOS), Mopria (Android), and Windows 10 Mobile
  • Sharp text and borderless photos up to A4 with a hybrid ink system
  • Connect and print directly without a router
Brother PocketJet PJ773
Brother PocketJet PJ773 (Image credit: Brother)

Brother PocketJet PJ773

Best Mini Portable Printer for Laptop


Max Resolution: 300 dpi

AC Adapter; Cigarette Plug Power Adapter

Quiet device


Prints stuck in the printer queue

Faulty connection

This Brother mobile printer delivers full-page printing at 300dpi for high-quality documents on demand. This lightweight printer prints images, graphics, and small fonts. It comes with a full range of connectivity options. The printer is a versatile solution that allows you to print virtually anywhere from your devices. This is the best mini portable printer for laptop that can provide you with easy mobility. It comes with several intelligent specifications that make it ideal for your business meetings. You can take this printer to present your reports and presentations instantly.

This highly portable and super compact printer allows you to print conveniently while out on business trips or roads. It comes with some fundamental capabilities by bundling in a USB cable. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, fanfold paper stack, cigarette plug power adapter, AC adapter with power cord, and roll-up printer case are highly exclusive. The device comes with several dynamic features like easy to operate interface. This is the best option for those who want a reliable product with simple operation. You will like its software that allows easy printing that offers a solid colour quality. This is a highly fantastic device that is easy to use.

Enjoy the high-resolution 300 dpi. This printer creates crisp documents without the need for ribbon or ink. It works at an incredible pace of 8ppm. The printer performs with a standard letter and 4×4 sheets. Due to the Wi-Fi connectivity, this product is ideal for the majority who want to connect it from a distance with their devices. It comes with Wi-Fi Direct mobile printing, Mopria, Google Cloud Printing, and Apple AirPrint. The battery pack is great for users who want to enjoy its long-life span. For instant-fire results, save up to five templates and print in just a click away. It is a user-friendly product that comes with several smart features. The device is incredible due to its convenient and quick printing.

The display of printer is alluring for the majority of the users. If you are beauty conscious, then you will love this device for its unique design. Users who like to use this Brother printer have some options to decide between colors because it comes in four other colors except blue.


  • High reliability due to fewer moving parts
  • Optional long-life Li-Ion battery prints up to 600 pages on a single charge available for purchase.
  • Prints on a variety of 8.5″ wide thermal media.
  • Fast, full-page mobile printing – up to 8 ppm.
  • Small and lightweight, make it easy to grab and go.
Brother Mobile Monochrome Printer
Brother Mobile Monochrome Printer (Image credit: Amazon)

Brother Mobile Monochrome Printer

Best Small Portable Printer for Laptop


Does not need ink

Sharp prints monochrome

Portable and easy to use product

Compact and a small-sized device


Expensive thermal printing

Low resolution

The Brother Mobile is tiny that you wonder how it manages to print. Due to this feature, it is portable and lightweight. The plastic narrow rectangle printer comes with several features. You can place it in an area where space is premium. The portability and size are the biggest strength of this printer. This is a portable product that you can take to your business meetings because it is ideal for most users. In this way, you can provide reports and presentations quickly. It can print on thermal paper that you do not even need ink. This is the best small portable printer for laptop that offers ease and convenience.

You can plug this printer into a home computer or a laptop through a USB cable. It draws power quickly enough. It comes with thermal paper, a car adaptor, and a wall charger. Some other accessories come in its package, including an optional battery that makes it highly portable. You need to pick the package that comes with all these accessories. You can use this product and get a high-paper yield. The print quality is highly excellent with thermal printing. Due to thermal printing, it does not use ink bottles, so there will be ink bleed on the papers. You will see crisp and sharp edges. This monochrome print in colour is highly exclusive.

The graphical element includes color accuracy in the prints. It renders a halftone pattern of dots. At five pages per minute, it prints black and white documents. You will enjoy the high-paper yield and quick printing speed without any hassle. Due to the Wi-Fi connectivity, this product is ideal for the majority who want to connect it from a distance with their devices. It comes with several smart specifications suitable for your business meetings. You can take this printer to present your reports and presentations instantly.

Yes, it is good news for girls because they can choose their favorite color such as purple, blue and white other than blue. Its chassis is formed with the smooth plastic, but it is designed with the solid constructions. You will have easy access to the battery for maintenance or swapping.


  • a scant 1.1 lbs and measures just 10.04″x2.17″x1.18
  • enough power to print 600 pages on each charge
  • renders a halftone pattern of dots
  • plug this printer into a home computer or a laptop through a USB cable
  • crisp and sharp edges
Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer
Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer (Image credit: Fujifilm)

Best Compact Portable Printer for Laptop


The iOS app comes with a simple interface

QR code to send sound and personal messages

An excellent option for mail marketing

Simple to use

Compact and portable


Slow speed

Comes with few features due to its small size

This printer is compatible with a smartphone and is about the size of the CD case and under two inches. It is a portable, and lightweight printer with a USB cable and a printer stand for charging. Due to the small size, it can be the best compact portable printer for laptop. The unit contains a plastic construction that is durable and thick enough. Solid structures save you from bruises and subtle bumps. The plastic is very easy to clean and lightweight if it gets dirty. The Battery takes eighty minutes to charge completely while connected to your computer and lasts for about 100 prints.

It is a wireless device that links to your mobile gadgets. You can connect it to an Apple TV and Mac OX 12. You can connect it with the computer to set up the printer to charge. It is simple to connect it to an iOS device. Its app is highly efficient and unique in its functions. You can connect the device with its power on the button, and it will start working without any hassle. The device comes with several dynamic features like easy to operate interface. This is the best option for those who want a reliable product with simple operation.

Its app lets users rotate and zoom in on the image by clicking on the crop icon. It increases the ease of the users, and they can manage printing without any hassle. When users run this app in this framework, several performance issues arise. They are forced to run in a limited system. To handle this long-term problem, you need to modernize the software. It comes with several smart specifications that make it ideal for your business meetings. You can take this printer to present your reports and presentations instantly.

This lightweight device enables mobility for the majority of the users. So, you can take it with you in your daily transport in its bag without any hassle. The solid and comfy printer is great for the users for offering a light pressure point and soft haptic feedback. It is famous among people.


  • Supported image format: JPEG, PNG, HEIF, DNG
  • Printing levels: 256 levels per colour (RGB)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Power consumption: Approximately 3W
HP Sprocket Select
HP Sprocket Select (Image credit: Amazon)

HP Sprocket Select

Best Cheap Portable Printer for Laptop


Super lightweight

Improved Zink print quality

Simple to use the app


Issues with paper loading

Needs more features

This HP printer offers endless convenience for those who need the instant gratification of printing out images. This best cheap portable printer for laptop is ideal for users to handle their printing tasks. You can connect this device to your smart devices or smartphones through Bluetooth. It prints credit-sized photos on the sticky back. The unit is lightweight, so it offers mobility for the users. It is a portable and lightweight product that can fit in your pocket. You can take it for business trips and meetings to manage your business tasks.

This model is free of cables, and the cords are excellent. A vital feature of this superb Wireless printer is that it is perfect for offering easy mobility. If you are walking on the street or driving the car, trying to get tasks done, holding a printer or device is a mess. It interrupts your chores. You need your hands free this time. This printer is small enough that you can place it in your pocket. It is exclusive for fulfilling this requirement of yours. This freedom will make your tasks easier. You can walk on the road while putting your hands in your pocket and enjoying the music. It is effortless to use and has a simple and easy-to-use push button.

It is available with a travel case, audio cable, USB charging, aircraft plug, etc. You can get it with all these accessories. You will not face different issues in the performance of the software. With modernized applications, the software’s functionality will be better since you can get the benefit of modern technology. Developers have added more features and functions that come with modernization. You can use it with all major platforms such as windows mobile, BlackBerry, Android, iPad, iPhone, and iOS. Due to the Wi-Fi connectivity, this product is ideal for the majority who want to connect it from a distance with their devices. It comes with several intelligent specifications suitable for your business meetings.

All its keys are very simple to click and offer smooth touch because of the texturized surface. This high-speed processor gives high-end printer users approach to the maximum horsepower. HP has launched its latest generation processor for the users, this year. Its high quality printer always amazed people. It is very easy to use.


  • print sizes up from 2 x 3 into 2.3 x 3.4in
  • LED light to show you the charging status
  • print photos from Instagram, Google, or Facebook


Now, you can choose the best portable printers for laptop because this guide will be helpful for you. In this buying guide, we have come up with the famous and well-known brands that offer various devices for office use. The printers available in our list are highly innovative because of their performance and build quality shift around depending on the lineup you are looking at. You will enjoy the efficiency and performance of the printers because they are famous for their high-printing yield, quick speed, colour accuracy, and many more. Undoubtedly, all these features are incredible, and these devices are available with high-tech features. Moreover, these printers are budget-friendly and will not be a burden on your pocket. Moreover, those are all available at low running costs.

In this buying guide, you can take help to buy the best printer that is portable and compatible with your laptop. We have prepared the list with the pros and cons. This unbiased review can be helpful for those who are new to the industry because they can take help from our quick shopping tips. On the other hand, pro users can choose the efficient item as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are essential factor for a portable printer?

Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity is the essential feature. A long-life battery gives you the freedom to print. Moreover, the portable printers are always compact, lightweight and small in size.

What should be the standard weight of the best portable printer?

Your portable printer will not be more than five pounds.

How do I use a mini printer?

·       Switch on your printer and connect it with your smart device
·       Open the app of your mini printer
·       Click on the home screen and select your image
·       Edit it with the inbuilt tools
·       Click on the start

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