Best Printer for MTG Proxies (Review and Buying Guide)

There is a technically different between counterfeit and proxy cards. If you are fond of MTG or gatherings, you need to choose the best printer for MTG proxies. The market is rich with plenty of options, but it is not possible to pick the best item. The supportive printer has a lot of features like high-resolution, quick speed, and color accuracy. Players like to be in frenzy, purchasing deck after deck to get their hands on rare collections. If you are a regular tabletop player, then this is the best option for you. For MTG proxies, you can get the best printer. It makes decks, and you can enjoy casual games with your friends.

For the majority of the users, it is ideal to choose an item that comes with wireless connectivity. These printers provide the best printing results for your cards. In this way, you can enjoy the best results. Most of the cards are utilized in paper magic gatherings. For the gatherings and tournaments, these are considered the official cards. To print these cards, the best printer can do a great job. You can print your favorite card at home without any hassle.

We have tested some printers that are top rated products in the market. To make check their performance, we have tested all their specifications. We took some print outs for checking their resolution for text, images and graphics. It increases ease for the users to learn about the picture quality of the products. Not only this, our main concern is to check printing speed and for this purpose, we tested the printing speed of the colored and black and white prints. In this way, we come to know about the printing quality and efficiency of the devices.

Quick Shopping Tips

On your way to purchase a printer for your MTG proxies, you need to focus on some tips and techniques. Some of the essential methods are here for your concern.

Type of the printer: Do you know which type of printer is suitable for your use? The majority of the users prefer inkjet printers for this purpose. These are the ideal devices for printing MTG proxies. You need to know about the specifications of those printers without any hassle. Starting from pictures on glossy paper from paper documents, this device can be the best option. Due to the high-tech specifications, these inkjet printers are in great demand because of their quick speed and convenient use.

Size of the printer: It is a good idea to have a product that comes with a lightweight and slim appearance. It is essential even if you are looking for a desktop printer or an on-the-go solution. If you will purchase a printer for your desk, make sure you measure the space available. Choosing a lightweight printer that can fit in an area where space is premium is essential. A compact item is very easy to manage and place.

Color, speed, and resolution: If you choose the best printer for MTG proxies, it must be PPM and the duty cycle for the speed. The higher pages per minute and pages per month, the more efficient the tool. You need to keep an eye on the DPI rate regarding resolution and color. This is the dot per inch applied to the square inch of paper. A higher rating can be the best factor that improves printing resolution. In this way, you will have vibrant images and crisp results. 

Availability of cartridge and price: A cartridge and printer go hand in hand to function. The printer that supports multiple 3rd party cartridges is more cost-effective in the long run. You need a printer that is not supported by third-party cartridges. These printers use cartridges that are affordable and very easy to access online. It is essential to choose the product that comes with a cost-effective cartridge. Moreover, it must be available in the market without any hassle.

Ink cost: We measure the cost of ink by the number of pages you print. If you plan on mass printing MTG proxies, you must invest in an expensive and powerful printer. The printer comes at a low cost for both colored and black and white pages. We all know that powerful printers are more functional. On the other hand, if you need to print on a few proxies, you need an average printer. You need to pay extra cents for colored prints with an average cartridge. It is good to choose a printer that does not consume costly ink.

Duplexing: The graphic cards are required for some MTG proxies. You need to choose the available product with the duplex printing options. It needs a printer that comes with manual or automatic duplexing capabilities. Users do not need to remove the card stock from the printer. The duplex printing feature saves your time and effort on card printing. This feature makes it faster and easier to print on both sides. For the majority of the users, it is a user-friendly option.

At a Glance:

  1. HP OfficeJet 250
  2. Canon TR8520
  3. Canon Pixma MG3620
  4. Brother HL-L2350DW
  5. HP DeskJet 2755e
  6. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e
  7. HP Laserjet M110we
  8. Canon PIXMA TR4520

The Best Printer for MTG Proxies You Can Buy Today

HP OfficeJet 250
HP OfficeJet 250 (Image credit: hp)

HP OfficeJet 250

Best MTG Proxy printer


Small mobile printer

Quiet printing operation

Lightweight and portable

Easy setup


Paper detection issue

Cartridge replacement can be hard

HP is a famous name in the world of printing organizations. The brand has established its reputation by introducing innovative products. All these products are highly suitable for the majority of the users. This printer comes with various features that make it incredible for users. It is excellent for printing high-quality MTG proxies. It comes with a user-friendly layout so that for beginners, it is an ideal device. It offers wireless connectivity that omits the requirement of wires. It allows the users to place it anywhere around the house without pulling the cable.

You can access the printer with your smartphone when connected to the same network. It offers ease and convenience to the users. This feature is incredible for providing formation and card printing without any hassle. The device takes 15 minutes to install after unboxing. Therefore, you can have fun with the product, and it offers easy operation.

Moreover, most printers come with the hefty procedure of replacing cartridges. In this printer, placing the ink cartridges had been a bit challenging. The printer is a compact item to fit it in your backpack.

Enjoy the high resolutions and quick speed of the printer. All these features make it an excellent device for you. This best mtg proxy printer is highly exclusive so that you can place it in any area. It can be your best buy due to the perfect color accuracy and printing speed. This HP device offers ease and fun to all users.

You can print all your photos and documents on the device. It offers easy to click interface for the convenience of the users. For offering detailed information and free updates, this device is incredible in use. Due to unique infrastructure and extraordinary sensitivity, it is a functional device. Its sensor is extra-efficient and offers high-quality performance.


  • Simple to travel with due to the compact structure
  • Versatile product that can copying and scanning
  • The prompt and easy setup process
  • Can be connected to PC and phone
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
Canon TR8520
Canon TR8520 (Image credit: Canon)

Canon TR8520

Best Printer for Printing MTG Proxies


Automatic document feeding

Excellent cost-to-print ratio

Exceptional connectivity system

5 color individual ink system


The screen is prone to double clicks

The touch screen is unresponsive

Slow color printing

Notice the difference between a self-printed version and an original MTG Proxy. These are quite noticeable. However, you can bring those distinctions to a minimum with this excellent Canon printer. It can print on photo paper that offers an edge over the most traditional inkjet printers. This model comes with an LCD touchscreen and is simple to view from various angles. In this way, it makes the device display attractive. This feature is highly incredible for the users who want to operate the device with just a click. Moreover, its menu is convenient and straightforward.

If you require troubleshooting the gadget without your manual, you will get various display videos available, including rear access, inserting paper, paper jams, and many more. This printer comes without all these issues. You can manage it easily and control it without any hassle. Whether you need to print MTG proxies, fax, copy, or scan documents, this Canon printer is easy for you. The unit comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In this way, it is an ideal device for you. Due to the wireless connectivity, it is very easy to get rid of the wires in your surroundings. The majority of the users find it simple to manage without any hassle.

If you want to switch between your portfolios and essays, the unit allows you to print in color and black. The unit lets you save time and money with loads of features. Designed to print on photo paper, the printer delivers a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. All these features make it the best printer for printing mtg proxies

It is highly beneficial great assistance for the user to be on the right way to the destination. Offering solid security to the users by developing software for your system is the mission behind designing this device. It is very easy to install because there is no net of wires that makes your work very easy.


  • Premium resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • 3 inch LCD for hands-on operation
  • Boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Advanced 5 individual ink system for accurate color reproduction
  • High container capacity of 250 pages
Canon PIXMA MG3620
Canon PIXMA MG3620 (Image credit: Canon)

Canon Pixma MG3620

Best Budget Printer for MTG Proxies


Compatible with all smart devices

Quick printing in color

Space-saving unit

Easy and quick wireless setup


Not a heavy-duty item

Cannot manage more tasks

The best budget printer for MTG proxies can be the best option for the users due to loads of features. Printers that are too enormous can be challenging to manage. A printer you are purchasing for MTG printing must be compact, similar to the Canon Pixma MG3620. The compact plan of the printer permits you to convey the gadget to various areas. Minimized structure implies that you don’t need to make much room for the printer. In this way, you can take your unit with you without any hassle. 

A remote operation adds to its versatility highlight. Associate the printer to your smartphone utilizing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and print straightforwardly with no requirement for a PC. It’s a superior, quicker, and more strategic method for printing MTG proxies. This printer comes with a fast printing speed. Therefore, you do not need to wait for a long time.

iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and telephones are compatible with the gadget. Regarding printing choices, you have Google Cloud Print, Canon Print, Airprint, Mopria, and MFC to browse. This Canon Pixma model accompanies an auto two side printing highlight. The best printer for printing MTG proxies is to have illustrations on the two sides. Since the element is auto, you will not need to take out the card stock and flip it physically. This gadget does that all alone. The nature of the print is guaranteed with a scope of 5.7 IMP for variety and 9.8 IMP for high contrast prints.

Due to the sleek design, it is ergonomic. It is attractive if it is kept with your modern device or system. It contains six programmable buttons. It makes your work experience memorable. For offering several adjustments, it is an ideal device. For offering easy to use user interface, it is incredible in many ways.


  • 9 IMP in black and white and Prints 5.7 IMP in color
  • All-in-one printing, copying, and scanning machine
  • Automatic 2 side printing feature
  • Connects with iPads, iPhones, and android tablets and phones for direct printing
  • Wireless, compact, and portable design
Brother HL-L2350DW
Brother HL-L2350DW (Image credit: Brother)

Brother HL-L2350DW

Best Printer for Making MTG Proxies


Small footprint

Competitive running costs

Respectable budget printer

Excellent print quality


Connectivity issues while pairing

No Ethernet port

One of the principal maintenance costs that you need to manage on a printer is the expense of the ink. This brother unit allows you years of ink-free with your buy. Utilizing the ink cartridges, you set aside a ton of ink costs also. The component gives you continuous printing for quite a while. The huge “investment” tank framework holds more ink than some other run-of-the-mill printer. Individuals who need to mass print MTG proxies will adore this printer. To stay away from clear prints that squander great paper, the item accompanies a canny page measure. This check illuminates you when you really want to supplant the ink in the tank. You likewise get refreshes about how much ink is staying in the tank so you can purchase the topping off ink in advance. It can be the best printer for making mtg proxies.

The unit gives portable direct imprinting on their printers. Use Google cloud print, AirPrint, and Wi-Fi direct administrations to print pictures straightforwardly from your telephone. Working frameworks like Windows 7, 8, 8.5, and 10, MAC OS X v10.11.6, 10.12.x, 10.13.x are viable with the printer for smoother printing. If you want to switch between your portfolios and essays, the unit allows you to print in color and black. The unit lets you save time and money with loads of features.

Developed extraordinarily to diminish the holding up time from one page to another, the HL-L2350DW can print up to 32 pages each moment. This makes the printer profoundly proficient for office regions or home use. Furthermore, while it prints quicker than most, it figures out how to do as such without compromising the print quality.


  • Compatible with most Windows and MAC OS operating system versions
  • An intelligent page gauge lets you know when you need ink replacement
  • The investment tank holds more ink than others
  • Cost-effective and efficient device for mass printing
  • One year’s worth of ink provided with the purchase
HP DeskJet 2755e
HP DeskJet 2755e (Image credit: hp)

HP DeskJet 2755e

Best Flagship Printer for MTG Proxies


Good for more workload

Comes with color accuracy

Super-fast printing

Voice-activated printing


Issues with operating language

A bit pricy

Not generally great quality printers cost a fortune. You can get astounding printers that function admirably at a typical cost. This sensibly valued HP unit can be an extraordinary printer for students, workplaces, and in particular, for MTG intermediary printing. You will love this printer because it is the best flagship printer for MTG proxies due to loads of features. Voice-initiated printing empowers you to print utilizing voice orders in a moment or two. Interface the printer to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to open this fun feature.

To utilize the printer’s outdated style, you can change the settings, size, number of prints, and different controls on the 2.65-inch variety touchscreen board. The simple tap-and-swipe work gets your printed duplicates out like a flash. With only one tap, you can filter duplicates to your distributed storage or email. This brilliant errand component can be very valuable for office work. You can likewise utilize the element to examine an MTG card, get the record into your capacity, alter it and print out a proxy!

To keep up with picture quality, the printer has a 20 ppm high contrast and 10 ppm variety printing range. Moreover, most printers come with the hefty procedure of replacing cartridges. In this printer, placing the ink cartridges had been a bit challenging. The printer is a compact item to fit in your backpack. It gives you some of the most accurate and brightest color temperatures. The high resolution is one of the best features.

It provides you ease on comprehensive lines for the majority of the customers at the commercial level as well as the residential stage. Manufacturer of this device is the heart of the electronic world and is extremely popular for the modern and unique style of technology. The manufacturer performs at the epicenter of the technology, innovation and modernism.


  • Supports cloud printing via smartphones
  • Color touchscreen panel allows manual configuring
  • Fast printing speeds of up to 20 pages per minute
  • The 4-in-1 printer lets you fax, scan, and copy documents
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e (Image credit: hp)

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e

Good Printer for MTG Proxy


Automatic Duplex

Super-fast printing

Voice-activated printing


A bit pricy

Needs better features

This is a good printer for MTG proxy since it offers versatility. While the last OfficeJet model we discussed with you was a compact unit, this model is more durable and innovative. The OfficeJet Pro generally has your number one element pressed into a smooth and stylish body. The white, blue, and dark variety conspires ensured to make it stand apart in front of you. 

The OfficeJet will probably give you the most splendid and exact variety of temperatures for this situation. The high goal will make them squint to recognize your printed cards and the firsts. Two hundred twenty-five sheets can be obliged in the information tape of this business printer. For coordinated printing of reports, there is a 60-sheet yield tray over the video. This information limit is adequate for private ventures or workspaces with low print volumes. Proxy printing is additionally conceivable. A 35-sheet record feeder is likewise included with the item.

The print speed of this printer is certainly a feature. It is amazing, considering the speed of the 8028 relies upon what records you print. Monochrome can be printed at 29 pages per minute, while variety drafts can be printed at 25. It is fit for creating 20 monochrome pages per minute and ten variety pages each moment for ISO printing.

Other than having the option to print through your cell phone or Wi-Fi, HP has added voice control abilities. Accordingly, it can interface with your Alexa or Google Assistant gadget without much of a stretch and print upon voice order. This is a beneficial element as it takes the additional heap off your shoulders.

These uniquely designed products are full of innovation and creativity. They have been designing several sorts of electronics for consumers, especially home appliances and the machinery that can be used at home for many years. It offers devices to different technologies. A simple little trick that will boost your work is to use an innovative and the best printer.


  • scans images and files directly to cloud storage or email
  • touchscreen lets you make adjustments with just one tap
  • Works on voice-activated commands
  • Available at a reasonable price
HP Laserjet M110we
HP Laserjet M110we (Image credit: hp)

HP Laserjet M110we

 Top Printer for MTG Proxy


strong app support

affordable and easy to use

quick printing

the footprint is a little larger


no setting to adjust

No LCD display

Print resolution is low

It can be the top printer for MTG proxy. HP has planned the LaserJet Pro M15w for the small workspace, and who might resent such an unpretentious printer right in front of them at home? The two trays overlap away flawlessly, so the impression is somewhat more significant than a sheet of A4, and it stands no taller than a normal cell phone. There’s no LCD show and just three buttons, which wasn’t a weakness. It makes no commotion in backup mode, so this printer will not divert you while you’re working. Genuine printing is relatively fair, yet it prints rapidly, so it will not bother you for a long time.

You can stack 100 pages in the in-tray, yet just 100 in the out-tray. Over-burden it, and you’ll have a torrential slide of paper right in front of you because the result container depends on a genuinely unstable expanding plastic arm. The toner cartridge is relatively huge, and it slides effectively into the core of the machine. The friend application will illuminate you when it needs supplanting and connect you to a provider. You’ll observe a square port for a USB link at the back, which is remembered for the container. There is no space for long-time cartridges, so the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is totally monochrome, and deplorably, it can print on just a single side of the page.

It is one of the efficient devices that is used to provide solid signals. Utilizing this device is the right decision for the clients who need an efficient device for quick work. It is the most dependable and eligible device that is extremely efficient in improving your work with smooth scrolling and high-functionality.


  • Print speed is fast at 19ppm
  • Connect to your home network via Wi-Fi,
  • use Wi-Fi Direct 
Canon PIXMA TR4520
Canon PIXMA TR4520 (Image credit: Canon)

Canon PIXMA TR4520

Best Quality Printer for MTG Proxies


Good color accuracy

Low-cost printing

Optional detachable battery

Excellent photo quality


Slow printing

Lacks support for flash drives

Put into a smaller box shape, the Pixma is one of the best compact printers available. The lightweight unit looks spotless and smooth with its matte completion, the lightweight unit is ideal for printing MTG proxies in a go. The best quality printer for MTG proxies can be an excellent choice for you.

Assuming you choose to put in a couple of additional bucks, you can get the extra battery that improves distant activity. The battery duration is supposed to keep going 330 pages on a full charge. This is a heavy-duty item that offers extraordinary printing in one go. Nonetheless, we would encourage you to connect the gadget for weighty printing loads.

Even though it has a smaller structure factor, the unit satisfies Canon’s extraordinary printing quality. With each print, it conveys sharp text and brilliant and striking tones. These two wonderful things make up a decent printed MTG Proxy.

The Canon PIXMA has a meager printing cost for variety and photograph printing. Even though it has an extremely low yield, the cartridges are generally modest, keeping the expense low. Without much of a stretch, you can surpass the underlying cost of the printer, assuming you print regularly. The print speed of this printer is indeed an excellent feature. It is impressive, considering the speed of the 8028 relies upon what document you print. This is an easy-to-use device that offers convenience.

Variety precision on the Canon PIXMA is phenomenal, and it ought to be acceptable for relaxed variety printing. It can print great photographs, as well. With just a touch of graininess, the tones are distinct. In ill-defined situations, in any case, some style is apparent.

Moreover, the gadget is viable with Canon’s print application, freeing you to a universe of conceivable outcomes. The application lets you print on the cloud by interfacing with Wi-Fi or other print administrations like Mopria. The use of this device is very safe while you are busy with the monitor. These are masters of quick performance and are recommended in competitive working. You can be able to keep your hands on the buttons, and your eyes only watch the screen.


  • LED display for hands-on operation
  • Features optional battery extending options
  • Hassle-free printing through smartphone connectivity
  • Compact and portable design


We hope you can pick the best item for your use with the help of this buying guide. All these printers on our list are highly efficient and multi-functional devices. You will enjoy the product’s longevity if you buy a high-tech item. All these printers are dynamic and have the specifications that make them excellent for the users. Proxies are simple to make and are used in many events and tournaments. These are inexpensive to print as well. With the help of the best printer for MTG proxies, you can print your MTG proxies at home. It helps you to design your cards like the original ones. 

We have come up with a list of the top-rated products in this buying guide. These items are great, and we have explored the market to get a detailed review of the products. With unbiased reviews, pros, and cons, it becomes easier for the users to choose the best option for their frequent use. The market is rich with loads of options; this is the time to select the best one but not possible for all the buyers. With the help of quick shopping techniques, now you can buy the best product. No doubt, this is the best option for most gathering lovers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MTG proxies legal?

These are not legal in MTG. It depends on how they are formed. In fact, these printers skirt the line of legal in general. Proxy cards and counterfeit cards are not the same technique. Due to the grey area, there is a bit of difference between them.

How Can I Make My MTG Proxies Better Quality?

There are pretty wider ranges for how to create a proxy card. Some users write their names and abilities on a piece of paper covering a reversed card in a sleeve. With the help of a savvy printer, you can create the best proxies of high quality.

Can You Use An MTG Proxy At FNM?

The store does not have any discretion to permit the usage of proxies. It describes you to utilize official cards only. Proxies are the replacements made by the head judge. It is not something players are allowed to create.

What Size Should An MTG Proxy Be?

The MTG proxy cards can be designed in different sizes and shapes. From small customization to the standard poker deck, these cards are available in diverse styles and various sizes.

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