Best Printers for Dell Laptops

You are going to buy a printer for your dell laptop, but you are concerned about which one to choose. Then do not worry; I am here to serve you. In this article, we will provide you latest information about the best printers for dell laptops.

Now everyone has a laptop, and he wants the best printer compatible with dell laptops. Printers are everyone’s needs. If you have your printer, you can avoid many issues, such as not going to the printer shop when you need to get a printout, saving your money and time. You can also turn your memories into the form of images. Before buying a printer, you will have to consider many features of printers, especially when you have a dell laptop.

It isn’t easy to connect your dell laptop with a printer. It would be best to ensure that the laptop or printer is compatible with each other. When both devices are not compatible, it will cause the system to shut down or to work slowly. That’s why you will have to select a printer wisely for your laptop. No need to be worried I am here to access you. I have researched a lot, and below I will provide you with a buying guide for the printer and share the list of best printer for dell laptops. So you can pick a printer easily according to your budget and other needs, as you want a basic printer or the printer that can also have copy and scan capabilities.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Before going towards the list of best printers for dell laptops, I want to quickly discuss some points that will help you buy the printer. I will tell you some standard features of the printers compatible with your dell laptop. After going through our buying guide, you will be able to find the best printer according to your need.

Print Speed: In this hustle and bustle world, no one has time to wait for the print to get out. Everyone wants to get a print in a minute. So, it is necessary to consider the speed of the printer. A fast printer can save your precious time. Speed of printer is measured in ppm.

Quality of print: It would be best to be concerned about print quality because it is a vital factor in printer selection. Print quality is as important as the design, color, and print text—some factors contribute to print quality like output resolution, ink delivery system, and print head. As a result, you must carefully examine these elements to have a general understanding of the printer.

Connectivity Option: Lastly, you should consider the connectivity option; in most printers, a USB connectivity option is available, although, in other Wi-Fi connections, an Ethernet option is also available. These additional options can significantly increase the capacity of your operation. For instance, the Wi-Fi connectivity option makes your printer compatible with dell laptops.

At a Glance:

  1. Canon TS5120
  2. HP OfficeJet 5255
  3. HP Deskjet 1112
  4. Brother HL-L2350DW
  5. HP Envy 4520
  6. Canon TR8520
  7. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035
  8. Canon TS302

The Best Printers for Dell Laptops You Can Buy Today

Canon TS5120
Canon TS5120 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon TS5120

Best Printer for Dell Laptop


Produce fantastic quality prints

Simple to use

Attractive design

can ably hold a large number of papers


Not able to fax

Lack Ethernet connectivity

Are you looking for a multifunctional printer that will be compatible with your dell laptop? Canon TS5120 is the best printer for dell laptops. Has all the features that you want. It is a wireless printer with print and scan features. It is capable of holding 200 sheets. Smoothly connect to cloud printing and Wi-Fi. Also, support Google Cloud Print and AirPrint.

Canon TS5120 can print in different ranges of formats, including standard paper sizes and photos up to 4 x 6 inches. It can automatically print on both sides of the paper, which saves you money on the paper cost. This printer is able to print everything you want, like your document, your pictures, stickers, ticket, and many more.


  • You can connect your laptop instantly with this printer.
  • Not tricky to handle
  • Have 2.6 inches touch screen
  • Capable of printing on both sides of the paper automatically. Budget-friendly.
  • Textual print quality is equivalent to that of high-end inkjet printers.
  • Connect to USB
  • Ink cartridges technology
  • Flexible paper support with the food to sustain paper from both the front and back.
  • Compatible with many operating systems Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and iOS.
HP officejet-5255
HP OfficeJet-5255 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP OfficeJet 5255

Best Wireless Printer For Dell Laptops


Print wonderful photographs

Appealing design with lightweight

Easy to setup

Excellent connectivity possibilities


Ethernet networking is not available

This printer has only one little paper input tray

HP OfficeJet 5255 is a printer that can fulfill your everyday needs like copying, scanning, and faxing your documents. Its printing quality is impressive and prints attention-drawing images with attractive colors. HP OfficeJet 5255 is specially designed for small businesses and home users at a low cost. So, it is best suited for those who want to buy a laptop but have a tight budget.

Moreover, it also has the feature of printing on both sides of the paper automatically. It is a wireless printer with a relatively high printing speed. Highly compatible with your Dell laptop and other devices. Has 2.2 inches touch screen. Easy to handle and connect with Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in less than a minute. So, we can say it I the best wireless printer for dell laptops. It can hold a wide range of papers. Have instant ink; you can print images with vivid colors without running out of ink.


  • Print, copy, scan, fax documents, pictures, and many more.
  • Effortlessly connect to Wi-Fi, Cloud printing, and Bluetooth.
  • Auto duplex printing
  • Print borderless photo
  • Inkjet printing technology
  • High printing speed, which can save your time.
HP DeskJet 1112
HP DeskJet 1112 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP Deskjet 1112

Best Inkjet Printer for Dell Laptop



Attractive design


set-up and user friendly


Easy to deplete cartridge ink quickly

Do not copy and scan

Are you in search of a reliable printer for your dell laptop? Then you are going to read the reviews of a suitable product. HP Deskjet 1112 is best inkjet printer for dell laptop. As it is certified by Energy-Star so, it is environmentally friendly. Ability to print high-quality images and documents with incredible speed. Ideal for consumers looking for a low-cost, basic printer that can fit in a tiny space.

The input tray has a capacity of 60 sheets, and the output tray has an ability of 25 pages. This printer has a high print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi and a print speed of approximately 5.5 ppm (page per minute) for color print and about 7.5 ppm ( pages per minute) for black-and-white photos. For best results, use Original HP 63 ink cartridges. Original HP ink can print up to twice as many pages as refilled cartridges.


  • Compact size so not take too much space
  • Certified from Energy-Star
  • Print paper, glossy stickers, labels, card stock, and envelopes.
  • High-yield ink cartridges than other printers.
  • Weight about 2 Kg
  • High resolution available
  • Easy to setup
  • A very nice fold-up paper tray.
Brother-HL2350DW (Image credit: Amazon)

Brother HL-L2350DW

Best Laser Printer for Dell Laptops


Operating costs are low


Overall, the print quality is superb

For an entry-level device, it’s pretty quick


There is no Ethernet connection

There is no capability for external drives

It is a printer for small businesses and homes. Brother HL-L2350DW is the best laser printer for dell laptops with efficient speed. It can print up to 32 pages per minute so; this product can save your precious time. The 250-sheet paper capacity makes work more accessible by requiring fewer refills and can handle a letter or legal-sized pages. It is a wireless laptop of a compact size. Automatically printing on both sides of the paper can save you money.

Brother HL-L2350W is a cost-effective printer with high-quality print images. It helps to save electricity supply, and the input tray has the capacity to hold 250 sheets that can print a large number of documents. Able to print on different types of papers such as envelopes, and card stock and create professional-looking documents. It has a unique connection option that either connects wirelessly with your laptop and mobile phone or through the USB interface to your desktop.


  • mono Laser printing technology
  • Recommended for small offices and homes.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Have unique features to hold the paper flexibly.
  • Cost-effective features such as auto-duplex.
  • Extremely high printing speed, 32 pages per minute.
  • Great white and black output
Hp Envy 4520
Hp Envy 4520 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP Envy 4520

Best Home Printer for Dell Laptops


Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct

Prints via the cloud.

Fast printing speed and high quality of the image.

Auto duplexer


Limited paper handling

Lack of Ethernet and fax option

HP Envy 4520 is a wireless printer with all the qualities you need in a home printer, such as copy and scanning. So, it is the best home printer for dell laptops. Has a touch screen with an Auto-Duplex printing feature and Prints borderless images, you can get beautiful photo prints with no trimming! Pick an ink refilling service: Allow your printer to monitor your consumption and have ink sent to you before you run out of ink.

Compatible with macOS and windows. It prints high qualities of images in different sizes and designs. HP Envy 4520 is in stylish design printer and compact I size so easy to place anywhere on the disk, cupboard in your home. It is very user-friendly so, a beginner can also handle it. Furthermore, it has a quick printing speed and can print on letter-sized and plain papers.


  • High resolution
  • Printing without border
  • A multifunctional printer that prints, scans, and copies.
  • Print 9.5 ppm (page per minute) in monochrome and 6.8 ppm (page per minute) in color.
  • Inkjet printing technology
Canon TR8520
Canon TR8520 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon TR8520

Best Portable Printer for Dell Laptops


The print quality is high

SD card reader

Two inks, both black

There are two paper input trays


Running costs are a little high

Slow printing speed

It is complicated to carry printers due to their heavy weight, but I have a solution for this problem. I have found a product that is easy to carry and compatible with dell laptops. I am talking about Canon TR8520. It is the best portable printer for dell laptops. It can do all the work you want, like fixing, printing, and scanning.

Canon TR8520 is able to print tickets, documents, assignments, and photos. It is a wireless printer that is not only compatible with your laptop; you can also connect it with your mobile phone. You’ll be able to manage it all with front and rear paper feeding, a 5-Individual Ink System, a memory card slot1, and fantastic networking possibilities—wireless connection to Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet. The Canon TR8520 can carry up to 200 pieces of paper divided between a paper cassette under the control center and a 200-sheet standup slot at the back of the frame.


  • Flexible paper support for front and back sheet feeder.
  • Separate ink system with 5 colors for excellent documents.
  • Print with ease using WI-FI or Ethernet connection.
  • USB Connectivity Technology.
HP OfficeJet pro 8035
HP OfficeJet pro 8035 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

Best Mid-Range Printer for Dell Laptops


Come with 8 months of instant ink

Able to print anywhere from any device

Well-packaged and straightforward to assemble


Not much fast as other printers

It is not entirely set up after the initial setup

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is a wireless printer made up of recycled plastic. It has a faster print speed of 20 ppm (page per minute) and is cost-effective. According to my research, it is the best mid-range printer for dell laptops. Scan, copy, and faxing feature is present with USB connectivity. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 includes a ticket to redeem eight months of Instant Ink based on printing 100 pages each month, allowing you to save money on ink while having it delivered on time.

Moreover, it does not compromise print quality and has a touch screen. Also, maintain privacy like Wi-Fi security, documents protection, and password protection. The Auto Duplexing feature is easy to use, easy to handle, and prints automatically on both sides of the paper. It is certified by ENERGY STAR, protecting the environment and saving your money.


  • All in one printer can copy, scan and fax.
  • Work by using HP smart app.
  • Include basic security features
  • Reliable Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Auto-Duplex
  • ENERGY-STAR certified
Canon TS302
Canon TS302 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon TS302

Best Budget Printer for Dell Laptops


low buying cost

High-quality print

Easy to set up

Smart voice-activated


Lack of automatic document feeder

Slow printing speed

If you have a tight budget, Canon TS302 is the best option. It is the best budget printer for dell laptops on our list. You can quickly scan and copy your documents by connecting them with your dell laptop. The Canon T2302 is equipped with XL ink cartridges; it increases the period between ink cartridge replacements. So you can print without worrying about running out of ink. With the dedicated REAR PAPER TRAY, you can quickly replenish paper.

Additionally, it has a Hybrid Ink System for detailed photos, and documents and also prints borderless images. Canon TS302 can turn off when you are not using the printer and when you are not using it off automatically. Have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Its efficiency is incomparable.


  • Hybrid Ink System
  • Auto-off and on option
  • Silence mode aids in the reduction of printer sound pollution in critical situations such as small home offices.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • High-resolution print.
  • Print 7.7 ipm (image per minute) in black and 4 ipm (image per minute) in color.
  • Fine print head technology employs multiple closely packed nozzles for precise ink placement.


The printer is the basic need of everyone. Many printers are available, but it isn’t easy to pick one. I have helped you solve this problem. Above I have shared buying guide and a list of the best printers for dell laptops. After going through the article, I hope you can select one printer according to your budget and the features you want. For connecting the printer with dell’s laptop, the printer should have the option of USB.

The best printer for dell laptops should be fast, high-quality print images, budget-friendly, and compact. The print quality is equally important as the speed of the photo. Without the quality speed of the printer is useless. And the compact printer is easy to fit in a small space. The wireless printer is my top recommendation for you. We have also discussed the feature of being budget-friendly and a printer for the home office. If you want a mid-range printer, I have also shared it above. You also have an option of a portable printer you can buy if you wish. There must be two other qualities in the printer it should be easy to use and easy to handle. However, the final selection depends on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wireless printer for dell laptops?

HP OfficeJet 5255 is the best wireless printer for dell laptops.

Can I use any printer for my dell laptop?

You can use newer printers with dell laptops because they have a USB port option so you can connect them with your dell laptop.

Can an HP printer work with a Dell laptop?

Dell laptops contain four essential USB ports to connect them to the printer. Modern HP printers have a primary USB port, so your HP printer can work with a dell laptop.

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