Best Printers for Digital Art

Graphic designers and artists need the best printers for their digital work printing. Purchasing an art printer seems like a costly investment, but it returns quickly. Artists require producing high-quality prints that look professional and impressive. Choosing the best printers for digital art can be challenging, but you need it. A large-scale art print is essential to improve the quality of your creative job. If you have your printer, then it puts you in control. Therefore, an artist needs to buy an appropriate printer to improve work quality.

The best printer can produce professionalism in your work by delivering a high turnout at a lower cost per print. These printers come with a lower ink cost tank and cartridge so that it is simple and easy for the users to obtain more and more benefits from them. It is not simple to get a printer within your budget, and it meets your needs. For this purpose, you need to explore the market since the latest products come with high-tech specifications and are better in efficiency than their older versions. There are many new things you will see in modern devices, and those are multi-functional. It is essential to pick the current device, and for this purpose, you must consider some factors. Learn about some quick shopping tips here that save you from hassle.

You need a printer that offers ease and professionalism. We have tested top-selling items for your ease. Our main concern is to check the quality, performance, and running cost of the products. No doubt, as per our examining method, we check their running cost. It is important for the users to know the durability of the product. We checked their cartridge performance and their running costs. Not only this, we give detailed reviews as per our experience. Here, we provide an unbiased review of these products. With the pros and cons, we have given detailed speculations. In this way, you can settle on a savvy decision.

Quick Shopping Tips

Investing in the best printers can be the best choice that you can make in your creative career. You must focus on the products’ features, pros, and cons to pick the right one. To know about the product’s specifications, have a look at the details below. You will learn about the best printers for digital art here.

Printer Size: The size of the printer depends on the job you want to complete with it. Graphic designers and artists work on everything from flyers to business cards and huge posters. If you require creating anything bigger than standard 8.5-inch papers, the inkjet printer is the best option for you. Laser printers are available at affordable prices. It is important to double-check the printer’s output before buying the product.

Paper type: You need a printer that takes a range of paperweights so that you can utilize inexpensive papers for tests and drafts. To finish your products, you can switch to heavy stock paper. All the printers cannot handle the wide range of paper types, so you need to focus on this feature before buying it.

Budget: It is one of the most important factors to focus on. We all know that printers with more advanced specifications can be expensive. A user on a tight budget should buy an inkjet printer. However, it can cost you in the long term since it can be costly due to the ink consumption and maintenance. The purchasing cost of the laser printer can be higher, but you can save money in the long term.

Multi-functional: You require printers that can perform more than one task at a time. It should be multi-functional so that it helps you to handle other tasks easily, such as faxing back documents, scanning, and copying. The price difference is not essential here because it saves your money purchasing more than one device. A versatile printer handles scanning, copying, and other tasks.

Best Printers for Digital Art At a Glance:

  1. Epson EcoTank-7750
  2. Canon iP8720
  3. Canon PIXMA PRO-10
  4. Epson EcoTank ET-2760
  5. Brother HL-L8360CDW

Best Printer for Digital Art You can Buy Today

Epson EcoTank-7750
Epson EcoTank-7750 (Image credit: Amazon)

Epson EcoTank-7750

Best All-in-One Printer for Digital Art


Offers quick results

Simple operation

Compact and lightweight

Easy adjustment


Not contains fax, NFC, and AD capabilities

Out of all the printers we have checked for the best performance, one of Epson’s models is Epson EcoTank-7750. This is a perfect choice for all the artists if they use it to print out their bulk artworks. They will get the best output due to the incredible ink use. The price of this unit is not much higher as well as its efficiency allows the users to save hassle and money. It provides ease and convenience by saving their energy. The high-quality product comes with a user-friendly operation that will enable them to manage their work without hassle. It can be the best all-in-one printer for digital art.

The Epson EcoTank-7750 utilizes the five-color refillable tank of ink that gives quick results by producing vivid and high-quality prints. You will like this model for offering 3600 colored photos, and it allows easy use. It is available with two USB ports, an SD card slot, and a rear Ethernet port. The device provides connectivity options. All these features make it an ideal device for graphic designers since they can use it to print a bunch of papers. This can be a heavy-duty item suitable for your busy office. You can use this printer to print flyers, brochures, books, and many more.

It comes with a slim and sleek design that makes it a superb device in your small office. You can place it on the countertop, small table, side table, or in a place where space is premium. The stylish product improves the allure of your office look since it matches the aesthetic of other office gear.

We have found this printer the best cost-saving product. It is accommodated the 17 inches pages. The device contains high resolution. We have checked that the prints are of high quality. No doubt, they are crystal clear in their appearance. The colors are great. As per our experience, we say that it comes with slim and sleek designs.


  • Highly cost-saving product
  • Accommodated the 17 inches pages
  • It comes with the 5760×1440 dpi resolution
  • A3/Tabloid sized media capacity
  • 23 millimeters thick photo printing papers
Canon iP8720
Canon iP8720 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon iP8720

Best Inkjet Printer for Digital Art


Offers quick and instant prints

Easy to use

Efficient item

Wireless connectivity


Plastic paper guide

This inkjet printer can be the best buy for photographers and digital artists who want to print their work with dye-ink. It does not support pigment-based inks so that you will enjoy the best printing solutions. Not only for personal use, but it is also great for your busy printing office. You can use this printer for printing brochures, flyers, and other jobs without any hassle. With the best color combination and superclass display, it is the product that comes with the superclass functions. You can easily control this device without learning any technical rules.

You find it the best inkjet printer for digital art since there will be no net of wires since the product is ideal for the majority of the professionals who want to get the best results and quick output. With this canon printer, you can take print from a distance and send the command anywhere from your office. It is compatible with the laptop, desktop, and other smartphones and devices so that you can connect it to any device at your ease. Isn’t it a smart feature?

The compact printer contains an average tray size that allows you to print all your papers without any hassle. These trays are fit for thick photo papers. The super-stylish printer comes with an ergonomic design that can make it the best match to other office devices.

According to our experience, the printer offers great performance. It offers superclass borderless printing. We find this printer a great option for those users who are looking for the best and excellent options. It increases ease and convenience for the users. No doubt, you will use its use.


  • comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity
  • offers superclass borderless printing 4 x 6″ Photo in 36 sec
  • print size is a maximum 13 x 19″
  • 9600 x 2400 dpi is the resolution for printing
Canon PIXMA PRO-10
Canon PIXMA PRO-10 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon PIXMA PRO-10

Best Home Printer for Digital Art


Wireless connectivity

Offers simple adjustment

Compact and lightweight


Packaging should be better

Ranking in 3rd position in the list of the top products, this Canon printer can be your best choice. Due to the durable frame and high-tech features, it can be your long-term partner. This unit is designed for busy printing companies and photographers who can work for the best output. If you want to make your clients happy with a quick and amazing printout, then this is the ultimate option for your business. Cannon is a famous brand that always produces high-quality printers and provides amazing results. It is a user-friendly product that provides ease of use and simple operation techniques.

Wireless connectivity can be your best friend since you can command it anywhere from your office. It is compatible with all the smart devices and appliances so that for the users, it is simple to complete their printing tasks without any hassle. It is very convenient to use this technology for the users. It can be used where signals are low, but it is risky in terms of security and protection. These devices are not as popular in printers because they are used to quickly and easily connecting numerous networks. It cannot spark while receiving the signals of multi-devices at a time. If you are a photographer or a freelance graphic designer, then it can the best home printer for digital art.

Not only this, it is the product that comes with a slim and sleek design so that you can place it in your office on the countertop. This Canon printer is highly efficient in offering instant and high-resolution prints. In this way, you can easily manage your printing business.

Here, we have come up with the best option that is on our list. It is an elegant device that offers ease to work for the majority of users. It comes with support options. The printer is available with good printing speed so this is an excellent device that offers convenience for your busy office.


  • 4800×2400 resolution allows wonderful printing
  • It comes with support options
  • Boasts image generating system
  • Prints less than 90 seconds
  • It comes with a good speed
Epson EcoTank ET-2760
Epson EcoTank ET-2760 (Image credit: Amazon)

Epson EcoTank ET-2760

Best Epson Printer for Digital Art


Quick items

It contains extra ink bottles

Simple refilling process

No repairs for a long time



Epson is a famous brand in the world of printing and photography. If you are a professional photographer, this is the best printer for you since it comes with a fantastic color display. You can use it in your photography workshop and office to print out many photos. This model boasts durable dye inks with a broad color gamut that develops amazing photos. For all the photographers and professional digital artists, this is one of the excellent choices they can use in their busy printing office to get quick and instant prints.

It can catch the signals to receive the signals of a nearby device or network while it is working for the other. In this case, it can spark or damage. Do you think that wireless connectivity cannot be secure in these circumstances? How to secure Bluetooth Printer? Bluetooth Printer is a technology that is full of risk. It needs to make it secure to feel free to utilize this multi-functional technology. This best Epson printer for digital art offers connectivity with compatible devices, USB, Wi-Fi, technology, Ethernet port, and many more.

This model comes with a high-affordable price tag so that you can save energy and money by using it. Users can easily print out full-HD digital artworks and photographs. There will be no issue with the quality since it is a heavy-duty item that provides high-quality results. Moreover, it can be a plug-and-play option for the majority of users.

It is one of the most efficient all-in-one printer that quickly completes every job. Its 5-inch color touchscreen and six separate ink cartridges make it an ideal device for you. It is a user’s trusted device that is very easy to operate. You can use it for printing images and labels on the top of the DVDs and CDs.


  • Flatbed high-resolution scanner
  • Innovative cartridge with EcoFit ink bottles
  • Saves 90% replacement ink bottles
  • Ink bottles sufficient for two years come in packaging
Brother HL-L8360CDW
Brother HL-L8360CDW (Image credit: Amazon)

Brother HL-L8360CDW

Best Digital Art Laser Printer


Efficient and functional products



Compact and lightweight


Speed decreases if complex graphics are printed

This is a color laser printer that is available at reasonable prices. It is suitable for the class and caliber of the high-quality printer. You can find it expensive and colorful for the majority of digital artists. It is a fast and rounded printer with excellent output quality and loads of perks. There is room to grow here since it comes with expandable sheet trays so that you can put three 250-sheet cassettes. If you need to increase its capacity, it allows two 500 sheet paper trays.

With solid wireless connectivity, it is an efficient printer. It is used to communicate between two electronics without wire. It can be used for catching radio signals and can be used in printers. This Brother printer is a device used in printers to take printing commands without wires. There is no need for a physical connection between the computer and printer in this Printer that makes the transformation of data high-speed and quick for the users. It is getting trendy to take the printout of your required document through this technique.

You will like this best digital art laser printer because it has a high speed of about 33ppm for color and black and white pages. It offers a quick printout and allows you to save time and money. For all the graphic designers and digital artists, this is a beautiful product that offers quick and easy results so that you can install it in your office.

It is an innovative printer that contains the options of copying, faxing, scanning, and tabloid printing. The best features of the Brother Printer are its low-running cost, super-quality printing, good speed, storage cloud, mobile-device support, and low paper capacity. For two-sided copying, the Brother printer supports single-pass auto-duplexing. Enjoy a super-fast scanning, if you need it instantly. This unit is an efficient fax device, copier, and scanner.


  • 7-inch color touchscreen display
  • Super-efficient cartridge and simple replacement
  • Can print 33 pages in 60 seconds


In this article, you have viewed the list of the products. Now, you can select the best printers since this guide is helpful for the users to pick the best gear. It is excellent to read the reviews of the best-selling printer. All those items are budget-friendly and efficient options for graphic designers. Moreover, we have given a few helpful hints on the detailed information about the strollers. In this way, you can choose the right item as per your needs. This buying guide can be helpful for both beginners and pros. It leads you on how to pick the outstanding printer. These best-selling products here are more efficient and comprehensive. The printer’s pricing is well justified in the functionality and output you can get from them.

With the latest influx of modern printers on the market, choosing the best printers for digital art is essential. You need a pocket-friendly product that contains high-tech specifications. However, we realize that choosing the perfect solution for your printing needs. For the majority of the consumers, it is a stressful and challenging job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of printer is used for taking a printout of artwork?

There are different categories of printers in the market, but there are two famous types of printers and that are laser printers, and inkjet printers. Both are available with smart and high-tech specifications.

What printers do digital artists use?

The majority of digital artists prefer to use laser printers since these are available with low running costs in the long run. These are expensive as compared to the inkjet printers but laser printers are more functional.

What is the best printer for artist prints?

One should choose from the two options laser and inkjet printers. The majority of the artists use both but a laser printer is a much better option for the artist prints. It comes with a high-resolution printing capacity. Moreover, these are user’s friendly devices available for all digital and graphic designers.

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