Best Printers For Posters in 2022

In the printing industry, poster printing is a tough job. Graphics need to be crisp and colors need to be vibrant. Therefore, you need the best printers for posters. It is an essential device in the printing industry since it is perfect for studios, and offices. In fact, a large format printer is the right option for construction blueprints, engineering diagrams, architectural drawings, posters, and others. There are plenty of options in the industry, and those are famous for high-speed performance and enhanced productivity. They deliver superb-quality color printing and scan to print or file with incredible quality. The poster printers come with an efficient processor and HD graphic quality.

Not only this, they are designed with the high storage capacity of sheet trays, optional stacker, floor catch box, cutter, built-in cutter, and many more. The poster printers are ideal for providing more returns on your investments with customized solutions, and digital front ends. For the printing businesses and photographers, these are ideal for the majority of the users. These products come to budget poster printers. It would help if you choose the printer as per your needs and business types, including engineers, small business people, and photographers. You need an incredible resolution so that these printers have this trait.

The majority of the users need the best printer for posters with quick printing speed. It can be the best solution for their busy printing business. The poster printer supports pigment-based and high-resolution printing to get borderless printing. These devices are very easy to use, so they are compatible with both Mac and PC. These are suitable for maps, photos, posters, indoor signs, etc.

We tested some best-selling items to check how instantly the device can manage printing jobs. In this way, we examine the finished products to check how well different printing jobs are handled. Here, we have tested the copying and scanning functions of the printer, timing how instantly it captures the page. We compare the results of the printers with other devices. It increases ease for the users that they get the product that offers low running cost. Our major concern is to determine the running cost of the printers. We have introduced the best printers here and give a detailed review of each product here. It will help you choose the best item without any hassle.

Quick Shopping Tips

If you are a beginner in the industry, you need to learn about the products. In the market, several options may confuse you. Read the buyer guide here, and you will learn how to choose the best printer for posters. These are user-friendly devices so that you can easily manage your printing work.

Type of Ink: There are three common ink cartridge configurations: inkwells, four ink cartridges, and two ink cartridges. Some printers come with the inkwell instead of cartridges to take its ink from the large refillable wells. The other printers come with separate color cartridges and black cartridges. The two ink cartridges have all in one color cartridges and black cartridges. It would help if you chose the printers that come with the inkwells to be most economical in the long run.

Buying a laser printer is a good idea since they use toners instead of ink. They produce crisper images and sharper edges than their inkjet counterparts. You have to pick the device that suits your needs. If you need a printer for your busy office, two ink cartridge printers are the best idea.

Print Quality: It is time to pick the best item that offers the best quality to find a printer with a high running cost, and it can be expensive to purchase. Inkjet can be your best partner if you are a home user. Many things can affect the printing quality, such as printhead design, drivers, and ink quality. Focus on the printer’s DPI for the best results. It describes how your printer will replicate the pixels of the source image.

Print Speed: It will be frustrating if you have bought a printer and produced a document at a snail’s pace. If you are doing a lot of printing, you need a printer that quickly provides you. We measure the speed of the printer in pages per minute. They have different speeds for pages of images and text. You will find hefty variations in the PPM score of consumer-grade inkjet printers. There are various speed limits from 5ppm to 25ppm, and you can choose the required one. The best printer for posters comes with high-speed specifications.

Connectivity: It would help if you had wireless connectivity. Wireless technology is the great invention of the technology of today. It is used as the earpiece for cell phones because it is the most famous for Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity, and others. But it is also used in other electronics, such as a printer. Wireless Printer is used commonly, and it is a modern device used as wireless technology. These printers come with Bluetooth technology so that it is used to communicate between two electronics without wire. It can be used for catching radio signals and can be used in printers. If you are using Bluetooth, it is vital to secure the device, so it is very important to put an identifier. This identifier device enables your printer to perform only relevant devices and signals.

At a Glance:

  1. Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20
  2. HP DesignJet T130
  3. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740
  4. Epson WorkForce WF-7720
  5. Epson SureColor P600
  6. Brother MFC-J6945DW
  7. Canon PRO-2000 imagePROGRAF
  8. Epson Expression XP-15000

The Best Printers for Posters You Can Buy Today

Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20
Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20

Best Large Format Printer for Posters


The versatile and compact item

Offers ease of work

Simple to manage


Consumes more ink

Visible printer lines appear

It is an efficient printer poster for home users as it can print 104 24 x 36 posters in 60 minutes. Its wireless connectivity allows the users to connect their tablets and mobile phones with the printer. You will enjoy the stunning and fantastic printing quality. With auto-duplex printing quality, this user-friendly device allows you easy printing without any hassle. It comes with a dedicated output tray to store the prints so that you will find it simple to manage your busy printing office. This is the best product for the people who are running their printing work from home.

The Canon printer comes with an exclusive printing quality with dark blacks on your documents. It offers excellent color detailing for posters, banners, and photos. You can use this printer for the printing of the analytical report. It comes with efficient software that produces impactful work. With this stunning and unique large format printer, you can manage your printing work without any problem. The large format printer comes with several features that make it ideal for most users. It is simple and easy for your frequent use. This best large format printer for posters is a budget-friendly device that can be all in one color printer for small businesses, offices, and homes. It can be your partner if you have a bunch of papers with plenty of options on your hands. It is a durable device that offers versatility and ease to manage your work.

It is the trend of 3D printing that allows for the designs and printing of more complex designs than the traditional manufacturing method. More traditional methods have design restrictions with no longer apply with the use of 3D printing. The use of this printer is highly common these days.


  • Software for free poster creations
  • Paper roll size from 8 to 24 inches
  • Over a dollar, 250 worth of ink is added
  • It comes with the wireless printing
  • Prints 104 24 x 36 posters in 60 minutes
HP DesignJet T130
HP DesignJet T130 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP DesignJet T130

Best Printer for Making Posters


Simple to adjust

Quick speed



Needs better packaging

If you are looking for the best printer for making posters, this HP model is the correct item for you. The compact plotter with built-in WI-Fi saves money, time, and space. It allows you to print in the best way and take your business to the next level since it will enable a quick PDF printing procedure. Not only this, you have the option to print from your HP smart app and smartphone. The printer is ideal for those who want high-speed and quality to provide excellent posters to their clients. If you are a designer, this printer can be the ultimate option for your busy printing office. No doubt, you can handle printing a bunch of paper with this printer.

MCAD, GIS, AEC professionals can use this printer since it is ideal for crisp text printing, accurate line quality, posters, drawings, technical drawings, maps, and other graphics. You can fit it in your office since it suits your budget. With the large font size, this is a beautiful product for you. Enjoy the high-quality management and printing with this printer. Step up to copying and scanning. It is time to evolve with this multi-functional printer. No doubt, this product offers ease to use, copy, scan capabilities, integrated prints, and many more to improve collaboration. It helps users to stay on schedule and finish their tasks on time.

If you are looking for a mobile printing option, this is the best option for you. It allows users to integrate easily with your office device. The HP printer offers you straight printing from your tablet, smartphone, Android, Apple, and many more.

It is important to know about the differences between these items. It allows completing all stages to complete the printing job quickly. The majority of the users look for high-quality products. If you want to buy these printers, then you must know about the difference between them. Mobile printing offers ease to work from a distance.


  • Touch screen option
  • Mobile printing offers ease to work from a distance
  • HP instant ink for delivery at business or home
HP OfficeJet Pro 7740
HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

Best Inkjet Printer for Posters


HP ink and media are exclusive

Versatile item

Simple to use


No cons have been seen

Are you looking for the best inkjet printer for posters? You are on the right page since this HP printer can be your best buy due to the several features. It is simple and easy to adjust on the countertop and your office table. With the ergonomic design, it matches with other office devices. It is a sleek and straightforward device that comes with an alluring frame. The HP ink and media are exclusive so that you can enjoy a wide range of printing materials. The printer helps you deliver high-quality prints consistently. This is a user-friendly product that is easy to adjust without any hassle.

Enjoy the best services of the printer, from extended warranties to the installation process. This HP printer offers support for designers to get the best results. Copy, scan, and print in standout color on size to 11×17 inches for presentation and bold documents at 50% less cost per page than color laser. This HP printer is ideal for your busy printing office. The versatile printer helps them show up professionally in a different size at a reasonable cost. This HP model intends to work only with the cartridges with the reused or new HP chip.

HP is a famous brand in the world of computer hardware. They produce high-quality, guaranteed, and innovative printers, computers, and other products. If you are using this HP model, you will enjoy the 100% guaranteed yield and printing output with this product.

Digital light processing has been invented some years back. This method was used for movie projection and this technology has wide use. This printer works with SLA and is better than a UV laser. It flashes light onto the entire layer of resin at once. It uses pixels with voxels layers as with regular printing jobs. It offers easy mobile printing tasks.


  • Copy, scan, and print in standout color on size
  • intends to work only with the cartridges
  • High-resolution printing
  • Easy mobile printing
Epson WorkForce WF-7720
Epson WorkForce WF-7720 (Image credit: Amazon)

Epson WorkForce WF-7720

Best Printer for Posters at Home


Lightweight, portable

Compact printer

Simple to use


High-cost per page

You need the best printer for posters at home if you run your business from home. This Epson model scans, copies, and prints a wide-format page supported by intelligent features. It is a wonderful item for low volume business. It is a wide-format color inkjet printer for your mall size business. It comes with the Apple AirPrint capabilities, Wi-Fi networking, Ethernet networking, built-in fax, and many more. This printer is one of the best solutions for your printing business due to its high-quality features. The user-friendly Epson unit offers versatility and large font printing that provides an adorable printing impression.

It starts scanning for Bluetooth addresses so that you need to secure the device, so it is very important to put an identifier in it. This identifier device will enable your Bluetooth to perform only for the relevant device and signals. On the other hand, the risk of hacking will be reduced. It needs to reduce the possibilities of addressing. There should be complete Bluetooth address scans. It can be reduced by mentioning the right target of the address. In this way, you can secure your device from extra acceptance of signals.

Epson is a famous brand that offers innovative printers for users with smart features. It is one of the best models that allow simple management and solid control. It is not a bulky and hefty unit that does not offer tricky transportation.

You will find consistency and durability in these devices along with reliable technical services. The majority of the manufacturers and sellers offer the most dependable online printer shopping site which is universally respected because of the grand shopping knowledge. Have fun with the touch screen, print wide format, scanner, and ADF with auto-duplexing.


  • Several connectivity options
  • ADF and scanner with auto duplexing
  • Prints wide format
  • Touch screen
Epson SureColor P600
Epson SureColor P600 (Image credit: Amazon)

Epson SureColor P600

Best Epson Printer for Posters


Quick management

Simple installation

Plug and play device


No cons

It is time to choose the best Epson printer for posters. This Epson model is highly wonderful due to its smart features. It is available at an affordable price and offers professional printing. You will like the deep black text and vibrant color graphic creations on several papers, from tabloids to letters. Create fade-resistant, smear, and water prints that stand up to highlighters. It lets you print more color pages and black text with optional Original HP high-yield ink cartridges. Improve your business with double-sided marketing materials, borderless posters, and more.

The Epson unit offers easy mobile printing from your tablet’s smartphones, whether Windows, Android, Apple, etc. It connects with other wireless devices without any hassle. The printer offers wireless connectivity. It needs to discover the true address during communication. Your Epson printer requires address should be discovered because receiving too much frequency can cause great damage. So there should be a frequency detector in the Bluetooth that works for relevant addresses.

Enjoy printing from a limited distance. The efficiency of a wireless printer depends on the distance from the device to the printer. It is 30 feet by default, but to enhance the output and reduce the damage risk, it is very important to reduce the distance. You need avoidance Discoverable Mode. It is very important to avoid the adjustment of your device in Discoverable mode. The user-friendly Epson unit offers versatility and large font printing that provides an adorable printing impression.

Low-cost printers, more recently have become famous for offering better quality than FDM 3D printers can for the same price. The LCD panel in the resin printers uses LED lights to cure the resin in the same way as DLP 3D printers. These are easily available in the market and the majority of the people prefer to buy these printers for their commercial use.


  • The touch screen of large color 2.7 inch
  • High-speed of about 13×19 inch print in only 153 seconds
  • Epson Connect and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Rich tones, deepest blacks
  • Nine-color UltraChrome HD inks
Brother MFC-J6945DW
Brother MFC-J6945DW (Image credit: Amazon)

Brother MFC-J6945DW

Best Printer for Flyers and Posters


It is lightweight and compact

It is easy to use

Two ways of connection


No cons

This Brother unit comes with several smart features. The best printer for flyers and posters provides dependable performance increased professional and productivity results perfect for home office and small businesses. The printer comes with compatible software, which is the most important trait that you must know about it. Software is vital to run the scanner. Focus on the drivers you need to work on the scanner. It needs to update the software and drivers after a short period. Make sure that which operating system you are using for this scanner software.

If you are spending a lot of time searching to get the coolest color combo, finest font, and the perfect pattern, then you need efficient software., It plays perfect image formatting, project management tools, various designs, podcasts, fonts, illustrations, vectors, patterns, textures, icons, image inspiration, and color inspiration. It is vital to find the perfect color as per the theme of the pattern. You will find numerous color combos, in good software, almost 100 color combinations.

Image look is vital in printing procedures. Resolution and color depth are the most important features of the scanner. The dots per inch are the factor that checks the resolution. In terms of color depth, it should receive every color pixel. It must get a better quality image. Users can easily share and create unique photos of high quality. They can easily access critical location information from smartphones, tablets, browsers, or desktops anywhere and anytime.

When we discuss the printer of this brand, the prime feature is printing speed that depends on the paper size like Borderless B5, Borderless A5, Borderless A4, and many more. One of the best deals is this printer that has great demand as per a survey. It is compact and efficient.


  • Versatile paper handling
  • Fax, scan, copy print, up to 11”x17
  • 2-sided printing
  • Ultra High-Yield replacement INKvestment Tank cartridges
Canon PRO-2000 imagePROGRAF
Canon PRO-2000 imagePROGRAF (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon PRO-2000 imagePROGRAF

Best Photo Printer for Posters


Easy to use

Quick management



A bit expensive

Most graphic artists and photographers edit, increase and print their work from their devices. If you want to avoid printing and managing other tasks, this is the best device for you. The canon pro device offers wireless connectivity to the single system, network, wireless PictBridge, and others via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, etc. It offers easy to use with the help of mobile apps including Mopria, Easy-PhotoPrint, Canon Print Service, Canon Print, and Apple AirPrint. All these features will make it simple and easy for the majority of the users. It is easy to use a printer that makes your printing tasks without hassle.

The printer is very easy to install and adjust, and setting up the printer needs two adults. The cannon printer contains a scanner with high-resolution that can make your work simple and easy. You can use this printer for copying, scanning, and printing your photos and documents. You will like the ink innovation of this product. The Marrying Lucia Pro pigment ink technology comes with a 1.28-inch print head, 12-color. The printer contains impressive tonal expression and delivers an amazing color gamut. It is an ideal product for your busy office. This is the best photo printer for posters.

The majority of the people like the productive processing of this printer. The engine harness of the Canon printer is advanced and contains application-specific integrated circuitry. It is the guarantee of the functionality of the printer. Its sturdy frame is evidence of its durability and solidity.

It is another famous name in the world of ground transportation. It is available in different sizes and a broad range of styles. These printers are performing for the destination to assemble the style sense among the clients. These are displaying the top-class quality that renders the solid things.


  • 2400 dpi maximum print resolution
  • 2-610 mm roll paper and media width
  • USB direct print interface
  • 5” color LCD touch panel
Epson Expression XP-15000
Epson Expression XP-15000 (Image credit: Amazon)

Epson Expression XP-15000

Best Budget Printer for Posters


Simple to use


Color printing


No cons

Take your printing business to the next level with this Epson model. It comes with wireless technology that offers easy printing of your documents in a comprehensive format. It provides pro-quality borderless prints brilliant and high-quality poster printing. This Epson printer comes with the 6-color Claria. This unit is very common today, but it is not helpful to share photos on social media or store them on the computer. For this purpose, you will enjoy the versatility of this printer. It helps scan any type of document. Getting all your photos into electronic format is essential to get organized. Not all printers are produced in the same way.

You need this Epson model for your photography business since it is the best budget printer for posters. The features of this Epson unit and the photo printer are different. You need this quick printer that does not give inferior results for printing the photos. Epson is a popular name in the industry. They strive for excellence. Do not waste your money and time in buying these types of items. This printer gives high-quality and fantastic output. It has several dynamic features.

These things are the fountain of style and progression. The innovative printer is admired due to its amazing performance on the road. It comes with mobile printing options. All these are filled with the exceptional arrangement, varying qualities, and convincing versatility. It helps you to choose the certifiable brand that can make you wonderful and attractive. It Restores photos by using conjunction with photo editing. This printer secures your old slides and photos by supporting them on the computer. The device is easy to use.


  • Restores photos by using conjunction with photo editing
  • It allows you to take the photos and make copies
  • After scanning, you can share all these photos with your family and friends on social media or through email
  • Secures your old slides and photos by supporting them on the computer.
  • It comes with mobile printing options.


We hope this buying guide is useful in helping you in your search for the best printers for posters. In our list, we have brought some best-selling printers that are famous for their outstanding performance. All these printers offer quick results and high-quality performance that is guaranteed. In terms of comprehension, it will never let you down. All these printers are budget-friendly items so buying these products will not be a burden on your pocket. These are designed with high-tech specifications so that they are efficient and durable. You can use them for your small to large size business and home uses.

With the assistance of the information we have given for your direction, you can pick the best item for your personal or business use. Our purchasing guide will assist you in selecting the best items with these helpful hints. With the help of these clues, you will be able to pick the best product. As we have mentioned above, that market has flooded with a variety of products. If you have decided to buy the best products, then you must learn which specifications are essential. In the above lines, you have read about the important specifications that high-quality strollers can provide you. With the help of the detailed description of these best-selling items, you have come to know about the details of these products. No doubt, it will become easier for you to make your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use poster paper in a printer?

If you are buying a reliable poster printer, then you can use the poster paper in it since it comes with the specifications that it can accept for printing.

Which printer is best for heavy printing?

If you are going to print posters or other thick papers, then you need to choose the best printer for posters or thick paper. In the market, these printers come with some specifications that make your printing tasks easier to manage for you.

When printing a large format poster what type of printer must be used?

In the market, there are different types of printers for posters available and they print your posters in wide and large format. In this way, you can meet the requirements of your clients. It is vital to choose the printer as per your printing business needs. There are several popular brands that offer these printers like Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, and many more.

What is a poster printer?

Poster printer comes with wide format printers that are used to design and print the posters. The majority of professional designers use these devices. Not only this, all the professional photographers use these products to print high-quality images from the media.

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