Best Printers for Thick Paper in 2022

Cardstock printing is easier than general paper printing in that you use a home inkjet printer. If you focus on DIY vlogging or run a printing business, you need a professional-level printer to help you. This is why purchasing the best printers for thick paper can be more practical. It provides you with better control over editing, customization, and design. However, exploring the market for the appropriate item can be a struggle. It can be easier for you if you have a buying guide or quick shopping tips. You need to pick the printer that eases you at printing both glossy and matte cardstock. This is the time; you need to select the brand and suitable model that suits your needs. We easily get a printer to print the regular paper. However, we need to print the cardstock and thick paper. This type of printer is suitable for crafters and artists. The thick paper provides a fantastic printed template or picture on the posters, photos, and greeting cards.

Thick paper cannot be placed on the paper tray, and it needs more ink. It is important to use a special printer to handle this feature, and such devices have all the essential features that help in printing on thick paper. We need to know some important factors about it. To make this job easier for you, we have prepared some quick shopping tips to make it easier for you to choose the right one. Read this article till the end, and you will learn about the details.

We have tested some printers and those are all bestselling items. Here, every device that we are going to review here is tested to check the output and quality. Our checking method was not simply that we just plugged the printers and left them. We have taken print out and checked their color quality. The performance of the cartridge is an important factor to check here. In this test procedure, we come to know about the details of the printing specifications. Most of the brands claim that they use high-quality specifications so we check all these things here.

Quick Shopping Tips

However, purchasing the right printer can be hard if you identify a brand that you can trust. This factor makes things simple for you. There are several printers and brands in the market that come with various high-tech features. It may confuse you, and you need to follow some tips to solve the problem.

Duplexing: The demand for automatic and duplex items is increasing day by day. A duplex device can save your energy. It means you need a printer that can handle scanning or printing both page sides. With this feature, the user does not need to turn the page manually. Your model must have an ADF or automatic document feeder for both scanning sides. If you want to scan and print, then duplexing is one of the major benefits. It assists you in saving papers on printing and decreasing the hassle of turning the page frequently.

Modes of connectivity: It is one of the most common but important features. USB was the standard method that connects your printer with the computer in old versions. All the computers have more than one port, making printing convenient and easy. In modern devices, there are multiple sources of connectivity. The Ethernet and Wi-Fi enable the printers to connect directly with laptops, smartphones, and others. On the other hand, wireless printing is possible on a home network. The best printers for thick paper start printing, if you connect them with the router.

Other important features: Apart from the above specifications, a user must look at other factors such as color claims, resolution, speed, paper handling, cloud-based connectivity, memory card slot, and photo printing. All these specifications are very important to examine to choose a reliable product.

Best Printers for Thick Paper At a Glance:

  1. Canon Pixma iX6820
  2. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015
  3. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000
  4. HP OfficeJet 3830
  5. Canon Pixma Pro-100
  6. Epson Artisan 1430
  7. HP ENVY 5055

The Best Printer for Thick Paper You Can Buy Today

Canon Pixma iX6820
Canon Pixma iX6820 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon Pixma iX6820

Best Home Printer for Thick Paper


Offers ease to work

Plug-and play device

Simple to adjust


Bit pricy

Canon Pixma is a famous name in the industry. The brand has introduced famous printers in the industry of various types. This canon model boasts specifications that fit your small business. It comes with 5 ink systems that provide solid quality photo prints. The device comes with a large touch screen that makes it simple to use in your office. This printer comes with a high speed to save time and energy. It is compatible with cloud and AirPrint. It consists of five color ink system with four dye-based inks for exceptional prints of the images. This is the right option if you want to attain crisp and clear text since it contains pigment-based black ink.

This printer comes with a variety of features like Wi-Fi connectivity. It connects with various devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, and others. It allows you to work remotely or from home. This Canon model works all the time and connects a wire to print the document. Canon Pixma unit is ideal for most business owners due to the auto-power trait. It enhances overall functionality automatically. You will find it the best home printer for thick paper.

It comes with an ergonomic design and color. The slim and sleek design increases the allure of your office devices. It is simple to place this product in a place where space is premium. You will love it for its unique designs and colors.

With Faster print speed, dual-Band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth smart, this printer can be operated from any corner of your home. The smart app allows you to print and scan the documents directly from the cloud, social media, and camera. It supports a broad range of paper sizes and utilizes fifty percent less paper due to its automatic two-sided printing.


  • Ethernet, hi-speed USB
  • Google Cloud Print, AirPrint
  • Built-in Wireless
  • Quiet mode
  • Borderless photos
  • The individual ink tank system
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

Best Inkjet Printer for Thick Paper


Quick to operate

Simple connectivity

Easy to place


Manual double-sided printing

This best inkjet printer for thick paper is the true definition of an all-in-one device that will take your work to the next level with its amazing paper handling capability. For the 110-pound cardstock printing, it is the best printer. You can use this product for tough papers and colorful printing. Its fantastic color resolution makes it ideal for the majority of users. It handles various finishes with solid ink absorption, such as super glossy. Due to all these features, this printer is ideal for media, folded cards, and brochure printing. It needs to go for the double sides printing, and this model can do this task for you.

Save your time and money, and energy since it comes with an automatic paper feeder. This will help you to complete your work without making much effort. If you are busy somewhere else, then this HP model can manage this task for you without any problem. The printing will be continued in your presence. The solid and durable printer is ideal for a busy printing company or a photographer with busy schedules. This unit is easy to adjust on the table and the countertop of your office.

The HP brand is a famous name in the industry, so most people like to access it online. All printers are durable and of high quality. This unit is great for the printing press, and you will enjoy its functionality without any issues.

It will be more budget-friendly because you do not need to buy ink for this printer. The inkjet printer utilizes one Black and Tricolor such as yellow, magenta, and cyan ink cartridge. Its cartridges are available in two sizes. This unit is good to print 300 pages in one go.


  • Dedicated tray for feeding paper in the tray for media specialty
  • Claria Photo HD six-ink system
  • up to 23 ml thick of the Print on cardstock
Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000
Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 (Image credit: Amazon)

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Best Printer for Thick Photo Paper


Offers versatility

High-capacity for printing

Durable and solid item


A bit expensive

This Epson model offers HD quality graphics and color photos in each print. It does not contain a cartridge and is available with separate ink bottles. You can find it easier to use and replace the bottles in this way. The model is helpful for cardstock, crafts, and creative works printing. On the large size paper, the printing is amazing, and it is borderless. The unit handles good kitchen paper for flexibility in printing. It allows different types of finishing in the printout, and the team offers more than 2000 papers in an ink bottle. It is amazing for users who are looking for the best printer for thick photo paper.

On the other hand, the printer has solid connectivity with wireless options. Now you can connect it with all your other devices and learn about the online programs. The functioning is manageable, and you can quickly monitor it by using the touch screen menu bar. In this way, you can scan different files. You can be more creative with this model since it allows you to produce several colorful projects. Users like it because of its various safety features. It includes durable material and ergonomic design.

You will love its versatility since we get a high-quality scanner that creates digital files with the high-resolution. It assists you in organizing various documents. For vibrant images, you will have multiple color options. The heavy-duty item is ideal for all the users because they can save their energy and time cleaning it. The material is easy to clean.

Isn’t it amazing that you can print 19 pages per minute? Connect this printer with your mobile device and do your tasks anywhere in the home or office. It offers USB thumb drive support. This printer is great because it contains a single-pass auto-duplexing ADF. It is a durable product.


  • Inkjet printer is auto duplex
  • Comes with Dash Replenishment
  • Never runs out of ink
  • Offers high-resolution
HP OfficeJet 3830
HP OfficeJet 3830 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP OfficeJet 3830

Best HP Printer for Thick Paper


Slim and sleek design

Lightweight and portable

Long-time battery support


Slow print speed

HP tops the display, power, design, user friendly, build quality, and customer support. The HP OfficeJet is highly efficient with numerous specifications. The brand is famous for every price bracket. It still offers the most efficient devices that professionals and gamers use at a wide level when it comes to a printer. For professionals, this wonderful HP printer is the best option since it boasts a variety of specifications. This cutting-edge device contains Wi-Fi connectivity. It is more than enough for you to connect your data and important files. It is a user-friendly product that is easy to operate.

This is the time to enjoy a widescreen with a multi-monitor setup, ultra-wide printing, micro-edge, IPS, and HD resolution. What else do you need? With greater peace, you have many things to do with this device since it does not need repairs or other issues for a long time. It is compact with different smartphones and other devices with a one-year hardware warranty. You will like this product because of its convenience, smart printing, easy adjustment, and others.

This best hp printer for thick paper can be the ideal Option for remote working. Continue your work at home with printing support and fully integrated printing options for multi-device homes. The device allows you vibrant clarity in printing with amazing colors. There is solid sound clarity because of the automatic tray.

This printer is ideal for offering multiple options for connections such as wireless connection, Ethernet, USB cable, and others. From its LCD screen, you can set up everything easily. Moreover, it is very easy to use, and every user can easily operate it. This is a simple touchscreen, all-in-One capability, 2-sided printing option, and many more.


  • Dpi color resolution with 4800 x 1200
  • 145 lb photo paper and Up to 110 lb index weight
  • Compact footprints
Canon Pixma Pro-100
Canon Pixma Pro-100 (Image credit: Amazon)

Canon Pixma Pro-100

Best Canon Printer for Thick Paper


It comes with a warranty

Plug-n Play item

Simple to use

Compact and portable


Needs better packaging

The use of wireless printers is the current demand of the modern printing industry. This Canon printer comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that offers you to keep your device anywhere in the office or home. It allows you to connect all your devices like tablets, smartphones, tablets, and others without any hassle. In this way, this unit provides ease and convenience of use. It is the best device with the PictBridge connection that can enable the users to print images from the digital camera, DV camcorder, compatible camera phone, and others. Not only this, it is a user-friendly device that is very simple and easy to adjust for operation.

This Pixma inkjet model comes with eight dye-based inks. It produces fantastic colors and gradients. The three grayscale inks out of the 8 are ideal for providing high-quality white and black prints. You can see different separate tanks in yellow, photo magenta, magenta photo cyan, light gray, black, and others. For the users, it gives a hassle-free refilling option to refill it without any problem. The inkjet Canon model is a budget-friendly product with a variety of high-tech specifications. All these features make it an essential device for your office.

This best canon printer for thick paper supports Airprint, and it allows you to take the print out of the emails, documents, web pages, and photos from the cameras and Apple devices. Users need to install the driver. A rear and front tray are versatile items, ideal for paper handling.

Enjoy Print Shop quality by using this product because it contains auto-duplexing ADF. By utilizing eighty percent power, it copies and prints wide-format pages. A user can send commands by utilizing its user-friendly control panel. It offers USB thumb drive support. This printer is great because it contains a single-pass auto-duplexing ADF. For providing accurate black to text and strong color reproduction to graphics, this is ideal for printing your business proposals.


  • 8 individual tanks
  • Borderless printing
  • Ethernet and hi-speed USB
  • Wireless printing
  • Mobile device printing
Epson Artisan 1430
Epson Artisan 1430 (Image credit: Amazon)

Epson Artisan 1430

Best Epson Printer for Thick Paper


Lightweight and portable

Gentle and smooth surface

Offers solid grip

Portable easily




This all-in-one printer comes with various features and offers increased productivity to your printing and photography business. The unit performs quickly with smart features like Smart Tasks. With a fast and secure wireless connection, it is a user-friendly device. The connection comes with fast and smooth printing output. Getting all these brilliant prints offers an excellent capacity paper tray for all sizes. It is a great product with super quality and a high resolution of about 4800 x 1200 dpi color. With a high-paper capacity, it can be the best buy for you. It prints 18 papers in color and 2 black papers per minute. This best Epson printer for thick paper is powerful to endure your pet friend. 

With the vibrant colors and different finishes, it is an ideal item. It allows users to print scrapbooks, brochures, and cards due to the double-sided printing features. This model prints directly from Google Drive and Dropbox to store files and organize them. It allows 250 sheets in a single printing session. You will love its versatility since it provides ease for a colorful display to copy, fax, and scan with the device. The multi-function features make it an incredible printer that allows high resolution. The majority of the users love to have this high-quality ramp because it is a portable, durable, lightweight, and compact item. It is simple to clean as well.

The rubber gripper provides security and safety while placed on the countertop. It keeps them active on it. It is simple and very easy to use. The users like it very much for its easy installation and removal, simple cleaning methods, and sleek design.

The product comes with three different input trays to adjust all types of paper media. By supporting both scanning and duplex printing, this unit is ideal for your office use. With superb printing quality and high-class speed, this is a best-selling item. With the super quality performance, ergonomic designs, and easy-to-use infrastructure, there is a great demand for all these units. You can order any of the suitable products online and get the order at your pace.


  • With display is simple to operate
  • Automatically double-sided printing
  • Wi-Fi connection
HP ENVY 5055
HP ENVY 5055 (Image credit: Amazon)

HP ENVY 5055

Best Printer for Thick Sticker Paper


Durable, portable, lightweight

Comfortable and supportive

Versatile and efficient 

Easy to use for the pros and beginners both


No support for SD card

This HP model is an all-in-one device for home users. This is an ideal device for home users with a compact and ergonomic design. Its black plastic body makes it lightweight and a portable printer. The scanner cover contains no loose parts. It provides nice resistance during operation. The solid and sturdy body is ideal for long-term use. Its paper tray looks suitable and well-placed for long-term use. It is made of solid and sturdy material to make it durable. The printer’s life span is long-lasting, and you will be at ease while using this product.

This outstanding HP Envy unit is stylish and suitable for your home printing. You can use it in your small printing office, new printing, and photography business for handling loads of work. This printer is ideal for offering solid support in busy working time since you do not need to stand on it to put and handle paper feeding or other functions. The comfy and the best printer for thick sticker paper provides an ease to your spine since you do not need to effort much for refilling or handling paper trays. Not only this, it is a lightweight and portable product so that you can move it from one place to another without any hassle. With the help of its versatile parts, one can stand easily to print loads of thick paper and cardboard.

Users have shared their experience, and they find it a convenient and supportive item to manage all their printing tasks without any hassle. It is an innovative printer that contains the options of copying, faxing, scanning, and tabloid printing. The best features of the printer are its low-running cost, super-quality printing, good speed, storage cloud, mobile-device support, and low paper capacity. For two-sided copying, the Brother printer supports single-pass auto-duplexing. Enjoy a super-fast scanning, if you need it instantly. This unit is an efficient fax device, copier, and scanner. Normally, users sacrifice cost on quality, but this unit offers high-quality and good printing speed.


  • Quick speed for printing 7ppm for color prints
  • It comes with the low running cost
  • High-resolution and dpi


Our guide is highly beneficial for beginners and pro buyers since we have made it after searching the market. It guides you on how to choose the best printer for thick paper to obtain effective yield and efficient performance depending on your purpose. There are several savvy options in the market, but several options may confuse you, and you may find it hard to shortlist them. We have made your task easier by providing a list of some best-selling items in the market. You will find it quick that your picked printer can be the best buy. We have prepared a list of the top 7 items designed with unique specifications so that you can learn about the product that fits your requirements.

Not only this, we have introduced the branded items and best sellers in the industry and the key features of the printers. It leads you to pick the most appropriate thing for your use. Learn more about the top products in the market and select the appropriate one since, in the reviews, we have provided some hints on the best choices. For the new buyers, it can be hard to make a savvy decision on a supportive product. For this purpose, this guide will help you settle on the appropriate product that offers stability, ergonomic design, durability, safety, and other benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run the thick paper through a printer?

Yes, it is simple and easy to run a thick paper through the printer since some printers are designed with this specification. Therefore, all the printing companies use those unique printers for thick papers or cardboards. All of them are user-friendly devices and come with modern features.

How do I get my printer to print on thick paper?

Well, it is simple to buy a printer that can print cardboard and thick paper. For this purpose, you need to focus on some factors such as color claims, resolution, speed, paper handling, cloud-based connectivity, memory card slot, and photo printing.

How thick paper can a printer handle?

The best printers for thick paper come with high-tech specifications that make them suitable for cardboard printing. Therefore, those printers can manage thick paper printing. You need to choose the best product that can meet your printing needs so that it will be easier for you.

How do you print on heavyweight paper?

Well, it is not a big deal. The best and most efficient printers come with this technology to print heavyweight paper. However, every printer cannot manage this task so you need to choose the right one for this purpose.

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