Best Bluetooth Projectors for iPhone (Latest Guide)

Most movie lovers enjoy watching their favorite content on a big screen, so they always look for the best projectors with W-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Most projectors come with technology compatible with all devices, including iPhone. However, most of them do not work well with iPhones even though they perform well with other operating systems. To avoid hassle at the last moment, you should buy a projector compatible with your iPhone. It must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You need the best Bluetooth Projectors for iPhone.

Creating a home theater in your living room allows ease and convenience. In short, it is the best way to have fun at your pace with an efficient projector. They come with incredible brightness, excellent displaying options, incredible picture quality, and more. These features make it an ideal device for your entertainment to enjoy sports, movies, or other content at your pace without any hassle. The market contains various items, but you need to choose the one that meets your requirements.

The only thing you need to focus on is choosing a supportive item. No doubt, a reliable set comes in a shiny and high-quality construction. To settle on a savvy decision, you need to explore the market. If you want to know more about the best Bluetooth Projector for iPhone, read this article until the end. It will help you to choose the best item that meets your requirements.

Quick Shopping Tips

This is the time to choose an excellent and compatible projector for your iPhone. It needs to be careful about the choice of products. Consider the following factors here to be able to buy the best item.

Image quality: It is one of the essential features to consider. It can be perplexing if you do not purchase a projector before. When it comes to image quality, you need to focus on resolution, contrast ratio, screen size, and brightness. Projectors do not come with low brightness, and it needs picture clarity. The appropriate screen size is highly important. You need to buy a projector since you need to enjoy a larger screen than your TV. It ranges from 100 to 300 inches.

Connectivity: For the projectors, you need to check the connectivity options. The projectors come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. The modern devices come with various ports and options to connect like USB, Ethernet, and others. In some cases, you can use the adapters for the connection. Some projectors come with wireless connectivity to offer ease and scalability.

Remote Control: If you want convenience and ease, then the remote control is essential. It offers more fun and easy to watch your favorite show. The latest projector models come with remote control and batteries. It is great to control the device while sitting on your couch easily.

Warranty: This is the most important feature that you need to focus on. The reliable brands always introduce their products with a warranty card. The efficient projectors come with three and four years warranties, which is incredible for the users. It means your device does not need repair for a long time. It covers the bad quality and material flaws, so you have comfort.

At a Glance For Best Projectors:

  1. TOPVISION Projector
  2. GooDee W18 Projector
  3. QXK Mini Projector
  4. ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector
  5. VILINICE Projector

The Best Bluetooth Projectors for iPhone You Can Buy Today

TOPVISION Projector (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Portable Bluetooth Projector for iPhone


Lots of ports to use

Good contrast ratio

Can synchronize with your mobile device


limited resolution and sharpness

Cheap build quality

When using a projector, lacking in contrast ratio and brightness can sour your experience. With good brightness and contrast ratio, this projector can be the best choice for you since it adds loads of benefits of supporting a wide array of gadgets. This projector comes with several high-tech features such as brightness and contrast ratio, beginning with the image quality. To the image, it offers excellent sharpness with a big screen size. The projector works nicely in a brighter environment. To enjoy your flick in 1080p full HD, it supports clarity so that you do not need to wait for the night.

Its lamp life is 50000 hours. For seventy years, you can use it to watch a movie daily. It offers solid entertainment due to the excellent sound quality in the small rooms. This best portable Bluetooth projector for iPhone is easy to connect with the video source. This projector has HDMI USB. It lets you connect with your smartphones with the USB out5v port. It does not matter which source for video you are using. With the best picture quality and 100% guaranteed results, this is an excellent device.

The projector has many things to offer, from various ports to use to picture quality. It is a highly excellent product that allows you to have fun with any of the video sources. This budget-friendly projector comes with Bluetooth technology and is compatible with iPhone.


  • Equipped with multiple ports 
  • Compatible with smartphones and USB drive
  • Does not heat up
  • Contains a high-tech cooling system
GooDee W18 Projector
GooDee W18 Projector (Image credit: GooDee)

GooDee W18 Projector

Best Cheap Mini Projector for iPhone



Compatible with iPhone

Comes with Bluetooth connectivity

Easy to set up


Brightness issues

A bit pricy

This is the portable and lightweight projector that transforms your lounge into a great theater with the dimension design theater room. It will offer you the real enjoyment of great detailing and the great visual appeal that comes with it. Its high range of picture quality allows you to explore all of the options. This projector comes with a 40-degree keystone correction and 1.3 magnifications. Not only this, it is a budget-friendly projector that is fairly priced so that you can say it is the best cheap mini projector for iPhone. It is highly suitable for the majority of users, so you can use it for your home theater.

This projector is geared with audio, USB, VGA, HDMI, MHL, and other ports. There is no problem with the connectivity because it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Due to the long hours of light life, this will help you to be comfortable regarding changing the lamp. The projector is efficient because it has a keytone correction option, vertical, and zoom. You will enjoy its connectivity possibilities so that it improves your experience. Moreover, you can connect it with your iPhone so that it becomes simple and easy for you to have fun with the projector at any place.

This smart device contains a high-tech cooling framework that saves it from getting heated up. It comes with suppression technology that can reduce the fan sound. The built-in speakers deliver excellent loud sound quality. It links to an external speaker to require high sound expectations. With a high lamp lifetime of about 50000 hours, you can utilize it for more than ten years.


  • Comes with wired and wireless connection
  • Full HD 1080P Supported & IMAX Projection
  • Built-in speaker and lower noise
  • Multimedia Portable Projector
QXK Mini Projector
QXK Mini Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

QXK Mini Projector

Best Mini Bluetooth Projector for iPhone


High-quality built-up

Simple to install

No heat up


Issues with the brightness

Mechanical/Electrical failures

The portable projector comes with loads of benefits because it offers a lot from various ports for better use and picture quality. It is a highly excellent device that comes with several video sources. It means it allows you to use any of the video sources. You use aside Wi-Fi, and it helps you manage the connectivity. Many things help you to make your living room a wonderful theater. It comes with a budget-friendly feature that makes it a good value item. This is an ideal projector if you put together a home theater on a budget. Your money will be better spent on this projector because it can be the best buy. 

This best mini Bluetooth projector for iPhone offers fun and entertainment with its beautiful features like picture quality and clarity. The projector contains high-resolution, and it is ideal for most people who want to have fun at their home theater. The brighter projector offers ease. The projector is designed with innovative technology that does not allow it to heat up with continuous use. These are the standard units and are durable for the long term.

All the users like this projector because it is a high-quality product with a simple installation method. They find it easy to install and remove when they need it. The device comes with all the essential tools that make it ideal for the majority of users who want simple installation methods. It is a beautiful projector for your home theater.


  • Double USB Port Designed Projector 
  • Multimedia home theater
  • supports 1920*1080 resolution
  • Latest Upgraded Projector 1080P Supported
ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector
ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector

Best Wireless Projector for iPhone


Simple installation method

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

compatible with Windows 10, iPhone, and Android


Connectivity issues


This best wireless projector for iPhone comes with the reasonable expensive adapter required; you can connect this projector with the iPhone with an original cable line quickly. It synchronizes the screen of the smartphone. You can connect it with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It comes with modern Wi-Fi connectivity features, and it is compatible with Windows 10, iPhone, and Android. Due to all these traits, it is an ideal device for your use. The mini projector is compact so that you can change its location with ease and convenience. Its operation is simple, so everyone can easily handle it without any hassle.

This product meets the quality standards and contains the best material in its construction. It is completely machined and is designed with steel material. This trait makes it more beautiful and adorable for your home theater. This one-piece unit offers a wonderful display, high resolution, and brightness. It makes it an ideal item for your lounge. The simple installation method is very simple for the users to fix and remove.

This mini projector contains a large display size of thirty to two hundred inches for its size. This product can be used 14.5 feet away without harming your eyes. Its brightness is pretty good, and it is very simple to manage and operate. This is a user-friendly product that is simple and easy to operate for all users. It comes with a manual guide. In this way, you will find it convenient and easy. This product is highly suitable for areas where weather conditions are not reliable. It comes with heat-resistance technology to not be damaged due to rain, moisture, snow, or other wet conditions.


  • max support resolution is 1920x1080P
  • has a Contrast Ratio of 3500:1
  • 80-100% zoom
  • Hardware Interface – HDMI, USB, VGA
VILINICE Projector
VILINICE Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

VILINICE Projector

Best Small Bluetooth Projector for iPhone


Wi-Fi projector

1080P and 240″ Supported

Simple to install

Extra-ordinary brightness



Limited Sharpness

Most users like to transport the screens of their smartphones to their projector to have fun with the large format viewing experience. This product comes with several features like wired and wireless projection for Android and iOS systems. If you use this projector, it needs to use the HDMI adapters. Not only this, you can connect it with various devices and in different connectivity options. This is the best small Bluetooth projector for iPhone to enjoy your favorite videos without any hassle on the big screen. It is ideal for the majority of the users to create their home theater in the living room.

This video projector adopts high-quality multilayer glass and optical films to decrease reflection and enhance light transmission. It allows the display of sharper images without blurring with HD technology. The projector comes with the 5000: 1 contrast, remarkable 5000 lux bright, 1920x1080P supported, and 1280x720P. It brings you an ultimate outdoor home theater movie joy. The majority of the projector buyers like this product since it comes with several features like durability, heat-resistant technology, and many more.

This material makes it durable and strong. It does not come with a shiny chrome coating, but this one is great for black coating. This top-quality coating makes it durable for a long time. On the other hand, the sleek, sharp traits of black satin paint make it more adorable. It ensures that this is the right fit for your home.


  • lamp life up to at 80,000 hours
  • Various ports such as VGA / USB / HDMI / AV / SD / audio output


With the help of this buying guide, you can pick the best Bluetooth projector for iPhones. It contains the famous projectors that are compatible with iPhone and other devices. All these projectors are popular for efficiency and high-tech specifications. Not only this, all these products are budget friendly so that it will not be hard on your bank account. In fact, everyone wants to have the best item and plenty of options in the market may confuse users.

We have brought a list of the best-selling products here. This list will help you to pick the best projector without any hassle. We have given you helpful clues for your assistance so that you can choose the most reliable item that meets your needs. Not only this, we have brought the user’s reviews here that can guide you on which product is suitable for you. Save your money and time and make the right decision for purchasing the most suitable item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a projector with an iPhone?

Not all the projectors are compatible with an iPhone. However, most of the brands build projectors that are compatible with iPhone. You can use VGA adapter, or Digital AV to connect your iOS device to the display like a TV.

Are mini projectors compatible with iPhone?

Yes, they do. One can connect the iPhone to the mini projector with AirPlay. It needs to connect an Apple TV to your projector through HDMI. It mirrors the screen of the iPhone and output the video to your mini projector.

Are there any Bluetooth projectors?

The Wi-Fi Bluetooth projectors are available in the market. It offers various connectivity modes such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It connects the projector to the tablet, mobile phone, Android TV and laptop.

How do I project my iPhone to the wall?

It is simple to project your iphone to the wall with the easy connectivity. You can use a projector to connect with the iphone and the other option is that you can use a projector box it projects images onto the wall to increase your viewing experience.

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