Best Short Throw Projectors for Golf Simulator

Many people have dreamt of having a life-size golf simulator set up in their home since they can practice or play on the range night or day, shine or rain, any time of the year. Most do not think about having a projector that projects simulation and ball flight onto the screen. The low-quality projector produces a dark image. If the system comes without an appropriate setup can disturb the golf experience. You will not be able to realize the full potential of your simulator without the best short throw projectors for golf simulator. You need it for many reasons as it comes with loads of benefits.

Golf simulators are the best way to play spectacular courses and hone your game from your home. It allows users to fine-tune their shots and develop their swings to the toughest greens without stepping outside. For the most immersive and realistic experience, you need the best projector. It is one of the best items that offer ease and convenience. Moreover, it improves your gaming experience because it comes with features with which you can have more fun. The bright projector comes with high lumens that improve your image quality. The highest 1920 x 1080p resolution increases the fun for the player. No doubt, the best projector can turn your extra space or garage into a virtual Augusta National or any other course.

This article will cover details that you need to learn about golf simulator projectors. There are different models and units in the market. You need to know which one is suitable for you. With our quick shopping tips here, you will be able to choose the best option for your assistance.

Quick Shopping Tips

If you are new to buying the best short throw projector for golf simulators, then you need to consider some points. Investing in a good projector for your golf simulator is essential. If you make a single wrong move, you will face constant issues and problems. To avoid inconvenience, you must focus on buying the best projector. Purchasing the best projector can be beneficial for you since it offers ease. Learn more about those factors that can help you choose an excellent item.

Throw Distance and Throw Ratio: How far from the simulator screen are you going to put? A distance from the projector to the screen is a throw distance. You need to choose the maximum and realistic throw distance for your space. If you do not use a short-throw projector or use a golf simulator, you have to deal with the shadow appearing on the screen. Projector produces a large image from a short distance. If you plan to mount your projector on the ceiling, both standard and short throw projectors will work. It is simple to choose your projector as per your requirement.

Lumens: This is one of the most important factors when we discuss the projector’s output. It measures the light’s output and determines the image’s brightness. Generally, the brighter you plan to set the ambient lighting in the space, the more lumens you need to get the bright image. If you want a darker room, you need a fewer than 2000 lumens projector. It will be a wise investment in the projector; if you want a clear and bright image all the time, you get 3000 lumens.

You can access the projectors that come with 4000 and 5000 lumens in the market. It is ideal for those who like brighter images. Golf simulator owners need a brighter projector so that you can choose the item as per your needs. 

Aspect Ratio and high-Resolution: The 1080 and 16:9 4K UHD projectors create the best image, and they can produce the best and most effective home theater. It is great for the users to have fun. However, the users need to have a higher resolution than their devices produce. It means that if your system does not operate at least 1920 x 1080 resolutions, you need to view it on the projector’s screen. It considers the expected ratio of your PC. If there is any missing between your projector and PC ratio, you will have distorted pictures. It makes a great difference for the majority of the players. It is important to check both the features when you buy the best projector for your golf simulator.

Connectivity and Mount Type: You need to mount your projector on the floor or the ceiling. Mounting on the ceiling will come with several benefits, but it can be hard to fix on the ceiling, and it needs more room depth. There are floor mounts for the users who need to have their projector on the floor. It comes with the limited space option, and you can plan to use one. In this way, your projector fits inside. Take note of the I/O ports, and if they are on the side, the cables will be a mess.

You need to decide about the HDMI connectivity. Most of the models come without this feature. You need to get a big screen, so it is important to have this feature on your projector.

Lamp Vs. laser: We do not recommend the LED projector for the golf simulator. There are two main kinds of projectors laser and lamp. You have to decide on one of them. Lamp projectors are efficient because they come with a bulb to light the image on the screen. The bulb gets hot, and the fan is required to keep it cool.

On the other hand, laser light is the source to throw light to project an image on the screen. These are more efficient as compared to the previous one. They can create a brighter image with better color and contrast. With low maintenance and quick results, those are the best short throw projector for golf simulators.

All these factors are highly important to consider when buying your projector. It will be great fun to have an efficient projector that can give you 100% guaranteed results. No doubt, it will enhance your gaming experience without any hassle.

At a Glance:

  1. Optoma GT1090HDR
  2. BenQ MW632ST
  3. Optoma EH200ST
  4. Optoma GT780
  5. BenQ V7050i

The Best Short Throw Projectors for Golf Simulator You Can Buy Today

Optoma GT1090HDR
Optoma GT1090HDR (Image credit: Amazon)

Optoma GT1090HDR

Best Ultra Short Throw Projector for Golf Simulator


low input lag

high ANSI lumen output

120Hz refresh rate


Flimsy remote control design


Optoma Projector is a suitable device for gamers. All the gaming devices come with unique gaming features. Similarly, this best short throw projector offers the brightest shorts. It is a well-priced product for a laser projector that is highly useful for gamers. It provides 1080p images with an attractive lumens rating of about 4200. It has the capability to mount it from a short distance away. The brand is famous in the industry that produces high-quality projectors and relevant products. Therefore, there is no match of quality. It comes with a user-friendly interface so that you can enjoy your gaming.

A high-quality and bright image is essential with a golf simulator, and users will get the same thing without any hassle. The majority of the people use this product with excellent output. Due to all these features, it can be the best ultra-short-throw projector for golf simulator. DuraCore technology is used in the formation of this laser projector. It produces an obvious, vibrant, and bright image on the screen. You need ambient lighting in the room. You can connect it to a media player or a gaming console with connectivity for devices such as Apple TV 4K, Google Chromecast Ultra, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, and others.

This projector is supportive of HDMI connectivity that lets users quickly hook up their computers, laptop, and other devices. These are great for running the simulation tool on the projector. It is very simple and easy to install on the wall or the ceiling to manage your gaming with your ease. Due to the easy installation method, you will find it an easy-to-use device.


  • Ethernet, HDMI, USB, VGA support
  • HDR10 technology with 4K input
  • high contrast ratio of 300000:1
  • support for 3D
  • a 1.3x zoom with auto keystone correction
BenQ MW632ST
BenQ MW632ST (Image credit: Amazon)

BenQ MW632ST

Best Cheap Short Throw Projector for Golf Simulator


Power cord

VGA cable

Remote control


Cannot be able to connect via Network

Needs better packaging

With this best cheap short throw projector for golf simulator, you can create a sharp projection in a small room. Not only gaming, you can use it for gaming, but you can use it for making presentations in a classroom or a medium-sized office. If you install it at one meter from the wall, it creates a 1.6m-wide projection. The images are bright, which is an essential feature of this projector. You can enjoy the best results and image quality with a high resolution. You can include a video in your presentation to attract your audience. This business projector can be the best option for you for displaying 3D images.

It comes with remote control. This projector is excellent because it will come in your budget so that there will be no deduction in your savings. This unit gives a high resolution of about 1280×1800. All the gold simulator owners can get 100% output from this projector. It is very simple and easy to operate due to the user-friendly remote control. The easy-to-press buttons make their use comfortable for the users. They can easily manage their use. With the ratio of 0.9:1, its throw is incredible. It offers real fun and entertainment for the users. The device is famous for offering guaranteed results.

The projector creates 3200 lumens, which is impressive at this price. You can include a little light in your room, and the image stays brighter. This projector offers Ethernet, HDMI, USB, and VGA support, and it is a stable trait for the users to connect it without any hassle. The ergonomic design makes it suitable for your frequent use. Moreover, you can fix any area with your ease since the device comes with a simple installation method. It does not need to use any tool for the assembly.


  • MHL and HDMI connectivity
  • built-in 10W speakers
  • a 1.5A USB Type-A output
  • contrast ratio of 13000:1
Optoma EH200ST
Optoma EH200ST (Image credit: Amazon)

Optoma EH200ST

Best Flagship Short Throw Projector for Golf Simulator


Warranty card and quick start

Comes with a manual

Remote control batteries


Showed rainbow artifacts in video testing

A bit pricy

This is the best short throw projector that costs three figures on the market. It comes with several famous simulator studios. For the bright image, it has high lumens, and it contains 3D support. Users can mount it from a short distance away. This projector comes with a 1080p resolution. You will get the best results and powerful image quality. These features make it the best flagship short throw projector for golf simulator. It comes with a remote control to handle it easily without any hassle. This is an efficient device that makes your gaming exciting and straightforward.

The projector contains a 0.49:1 throw ratio. It means that it will provide you best quality. The projector creates 3000 lumens, and you do not need to play in total darkness. You can use this projector and get a pixel fill factor for clear images and text. It is a vertical keystone function that can come with image alignment. It allows you to charge various devices and offers HDMI and MHL connectivity. This is a user-friendly device that provides several benefits to all its users. It comes with an easy-to-use layout that makes its operation simple for you.

This model is ideal for users who want to improve their gaming experience. The remote control that comes with the projector works like a laser pointer, and it is an exciting feature. It is a unique trait for the home theater that improves your fun and entertainment level. Moreover, this is the best device for working from home. Due to the ergonomic design, this projector can be the best option for your home theater. It is a slim and sleek device that is easy to mount on a wall or ceiling. You can fix it as per your ease and gaming requirements.


  • a built-in 10W speaker
  • an eco-friendly design
  • colorful and bright image, DLP technology
  • a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1
  • MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)
Optoma GT780
Optoma GT780 (Image credit: Amazon)

Optoma GT780

Best Budget Short Throw Projector for Golf Simulator


Best audio quality

Easy to use

Quick adjustment


Speakers are defective

Short throw projectors are the ultimate solution for golf simulators. These are great for performing well if you mount them on the wall or ceiling as per your ease. It gives enough room depth. The brand is famous in the industry for producing high-tech devices and offering functionality. They guarantee their product’s efficiency to design those items with innovative technology. Therefore, these are great for offering the best results. These are formed with a user-friendly layout so that everyone can operate them without any hassle. It does not come with a complicated interface.

It is very impressive at a 1920×1200 resolution and 5000 lumens. You will get the best results from these products without any hassle. Not only this, it is a fairly priced item that can be the best budget short throw projector for golf simulator. You will like the projector for many reasons as it contains a lens cap and carrying case. It offers ease of work for the users because it contains remote control with batteries. The use of the remote control is very simple and easy for most users. It comes with the AC power cord and user manual. All these features make it an incredible device for the users to enjoy using it.

The projector contains MHL that allows the users to display the image of their tablet or smartphone. The image is brighter and sharp so that it offers ease to work. This is an excellent option for all your sensitive devices. The solid handle offers an easy grip for all its users. It comes in a compact design and size. You can power your mobile, appliances, and laptops. It is a portable item that makes your gamin a fun-loving experience. All the users like this item because of the easy installation method.


  • Four holes on the bottom for ceiling or wall mount
  • No noise fan
  • 4000 lumen LED light
  • Offers clear projection with vibrant and strong color
BenQ V7050i
BenQ V7050i (Image credit: Amazon)

BenQ V7050i

Best Short Throw 4k Projector for Golf Simulator


Offers SDR Viewing

Ceiling mounted item

Easy to use


High input lag

No game mode

This is the best projector that can show up to the 4K UST projector party and has vivid picture quality. With an exclusive brighter image, this best short throw 4k projector for golf simulator is ideal for your tasks. You will like this product because it is lightweight so it is portable. Users can take it from one place to another without much effort. It is easy to clean and maintain due to its easy mobility. The projector is a user-friendly item that is very easy to operate and control. It comes with a remote control that allows easy use for all the users. The majority of the users prefer to work the device from a distance.

The brand is famous for producing high-tech devices so that you can get the benefit from its high functionality. The projector has bright image quality, high resolution, and no noise features. Its battery capacity is not as low as you cannot charge your essential devices like mobiles, laptops, and others. Because of the port adapter, it is a super fantastic item that offers ease to connect to other smart devices. In this way, it allows displaying your images on your tablets or smartphone. . The projector creates 3000 lumens, and you do not need to play in total darkness. You can use this projector and get a pixel fill factor for clear images and text.

This is a quiet item that comes with plug and plays technology. One portable station makes it suitable for your home theater. You will like this product because of its smart features and cost-saving technology. All the buyers prefer to use this generator since it contains many smart traits. Built-in flashlights of about 2 models make it suitable for them. It is lightweight, compact, and portable.


  • adjustable HDR brightness
  • colorful and bright image, DLP technology
  • Ethernet, HDMI, USB, VGA support


Now, you can choose the best short throw projector for golf simulator without any hassle. With the help of this guide, you can select the best option. It has practically all of the best-selling projectors with remarkable functionality. We ensure that these projectors are highly efficient so that you can get the best results with their high-tech features. Not only this, the pricing of the projectors is well-justified and the performance you get from these devices. Moreover, these are designed with innovative technology so that you can use these projectors for a long time. It does not need to replace the parts or change the bulbs.

We have made a list of the items that are popular in the industry for their performance and high-tech features. Our mission is to assist you in buying the best item and we have deeply researched the specifications of these items. In this way, we have provided unbiased reviews here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a golf simulator need a short-throw projector?

Yes, a golf simulator needs a short-throw projector because it provides support for a better throw. Short throw projectors are the ultimate solution for golf simulators. These are great for performing well if you mount them on the ceiling.

What projector should I use for a golf simulator?

With lumens above 2000, you can get by dark rooms. It is good to use the projector that offers above 3000 lumens. This projector will give the best simulation experience.

Do you need a 4K projector for the golf simulator?

To get the best widescreen experience, the 4K projector can be the best option. It produces an immersive image and gives a larger impact of 13 feet wide. It is essential for high-end system simulators.

How far should the projector be from the screen for the golf simulator?

For Golf Simulator, it should be far about 7-8 feet from the screen. It is ideal to evade a ball bouncing off the screen and coming back to hit the device. To avoid shadow, it should not be more than three to four feet behind the player.

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