Best Flatbed Scanners for Photos (2022 Guide)

When making a slide or showing your old childhood photos, you need the appropriate device. It is impossible to take a shot with a smartphone or a camera since they do not provide accurate results. The color quality and image resolution are not up to the standard. Give life to your old photos with the help of the best flatbed scanners for photos. A high-tech scanner provides you with excellent images that you can share on social networking. The high-tech specifications make them incredible for photo scanning. In this way, this scanner assists you in converting your memories into digital photo files.

Moreover, users who work from home or office searching for a high-tech scanner for photo scanning need the best one. These scanners are ideal for printing a bunch of photos, colored documents, graphics, boxes of images, and many more. They come with color accuracy and high image quality, so these are the ultimate option for you. Not only this, they are compatible with all devices so that you can connect them with your smartphones, computer, laptop, and others. They are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. This is hassle-free to use with all your devices.

Selecting the best flatbed scanner for photos can be challenging because you do not know which product suits you. In the market, many products may confuse you. In this blog, you will get a list of some of the best products for your concern to digitize old photos. Read it till the end to get complete information on buying a suitable item. 

Quick Shopping tips

For the majority of the users, it is not easy to select the best scanner. You must check the features and pick the one product that suits your needs. Learn more about those products in the below lines. These shopping tips are helpful for you to compare the features.

Software: You are looking for a scanner for photo printing; software is one of the essential things. Some units contain the functioning and necessary driver efficiently with all operating systems. However, some scanners may not be compatible with some programs. It is due to the software of the unit. It would help if you focused on the software compatible with your device’s operating system, either mac or Windows. Some scanners come with efficient software and applications that give solid photo scanning results.

Scanner resolution: Keep in mind that a photo scanner should come with a high resolution. It is listed in dpi or dot per inch. Generally, 300 dpi is enough for the document scanner, but you will print photos. It needs high-quality of about 600 to 1200 dpi. If you plan to enlarge an image, 3200 dpi is a safe resolution. For posting a photo on the internet or social media, 150 dpi is enough for you. In this way, you need to choose the best item that suits your needs.

Speed of the scanner: If you plan to do much scanning, the scanner’s speed is the most important factor here. You need a scanner that comes with a quick speed. A scanner slows in scanning when it comes to color scanning. You can find the rate of printing on the manufacturer’s site. Once you choose the scanner, you must check the website for the speed details.

Color accuracy: The best flatbed scanner for pictures comes with color accuracy and high-color quality. This is the feature that you need to check first of all. Your scanner should provide accurate color scanning, and there should be no mixture in shading.

At a Glance:

  1. Epson Perfection V600
  2. Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300
  3. Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner
  4. Epson FastFoto FF-680W
  5. Epson RapidReceipt RR-70W

The Best Flatbed Scanners for Photos You Can Buy Today

Epson Perfection V600
Epson Perfection V600 (Image credit: Epson)

Epson Perfection V600

Best Flatbed Scanner for Photographs


Quick adjustment

User-friendly interface

Ergonomic design

Simple to use


Slow speed

No native text recognition

This unit is an excellent entry for those searching for a high-end photo scanner because it handles file slides and negatives. It does not waste your cash with the higher price of upper-end models. This unit matches the quality of the too-end photo scanners. It provides a high resolution of 6400×9600 dpi, close to the upper limit for photo scanners. The model gives the efficiency that a user needs. You can use this best flatbed scanner for photographs at your home. It is a highly excellent device to scan your photos.

This is the right product for users who want to scan old slides or negatives. Users like the scanning performance that makes it a capable flatbed scanner. It creates an attractive text via tiny focus that looks amazing. The product renders text-searchable documents and optical character-based recognition. This model works very well, and you can operate it without any hassle. Due to the user-friendly interface and software, this is the best product for the users. They can easily use it without taking any technical support or assistance. This is a beautiful product that scans your photos in the best colors. No doubt, the amazing color quality makes the images unique.

This scanner saves you time if you want to scan many papers with quick speed. If we discuss the software of this model, then it is the best option for you. Navigating through file management and settings, this software is compatible with Mac OS devices. It includes an extension to recognize text. It means you can produce scans with searchable text.


  • High-resolution of 6400×9600 dpi
  • Quick scanning speed
  • Scans old slides and negatives
  • Comes with an excellent scan quality
Plustek Photo Scanner - ephoto Z300
Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300 (Image credit: Amazon)

Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300

Best Flatbed Scanner for Old Photos


Scans up to letter-size prints

Formed to reduce potential harm to photos

Quick photo scanning

Fairly priced


Manual document feeder

It is one of the best models with an excellent sheet feeder feature. It saves your time and effort by handling photo prints. With an unusual design, it is a unique product like a sort of wedge with a pale blue, glossy white base, matte front that angles sharply black, and many more. The flat strip design of the plastic cover is alluring and assists from the feed slot. This is the best option for your photo scanning tasks for easy and quick portability. The unit contains a USB port to connect Z300 to the computer, a slot for the Kensington lock, a socket for the power adapter, and many other features.

All these specifications make it the best flatbed scanner for old photos. You will have reasonable control over the scanner due to the power switch. Its powerful and user-friendly software is highly impressive. It comes with an LED light on the right side of the scan bar. It glows in blue, and it is the indication that the device is ready to scan. Insert the document or photo into the feed slot. The sensor will detect the sheet, and the scanner will complete the job. For the majority of the users, it is an ideal device that can manage without any hassle.

The scanner is lightweight so that you can easily change its place. Due to the slim appearance, it is ideal for the users to place it in an area where space is premium. Not only this, you can put it on the counter, table, side table, and other areas. This is the best device for your home office that helps you with photo scanning.


  • USB port to connect Z300 to the computer
  • a socket for a power adapter
  • a slot for Kensington lock
  • LED light at the right side of the scan bar
Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner
Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner (Image credit: Canon)

Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner

Best Flatbed Photo Scanner for Mac


Nice selection of bundled software

simple to use

good image quality


No automatic feeder

lack of mobile connectivity

Beginning with quality, this item is packed with several high-tech features such as image quality. With the 2400×2400 DPI resolution, this scanner offers high-quality results. This product assists in avoiding pixilation and when you need to enlarge or crop. This product provides a high-quality fraction with an excellent DPI resolution of 600. This best flatbed photo scanner for mac can be the best option for your home office to scan many photos. Its user-friendly software works amazingly so that you can manage your jobs without any hassle. It is simple to use and operate for users looking for a device that can scan their photos with excellent color quality.

It is a compact and small scanner that is easy to manage in an area with a shortage of space. The slim and sleek design makes it excellent for users to match it with their other office appliances. It is highly wonderful for those who want to settle their office without a reasonable price. This is a product that is easily available at pocket-friendly prices. You will like it for the features that make it functional for you and the fairly priced product. It comes with simple connectivity options so that you can fix it without any hassle.

The device is a multi-functional item that can email, copy, and auto scan with just a click. Take the hassle out of your job by using this product. You can connect it with your devices and smartphones with easy connectivity options.


  • Remove shadows caused by book or magazine spines and ensure
  • DPI resolution of 600
  • weighing just 1.7kg
Epson FastFoto FF-680W
Epson FastFoto FF-680W (Image credit: Epson)

Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Best Flatbed Scanner for Photos and Negatives


User-friendly software

Simple to use interface

Comes with several format options


Slow speed


This Epson device is valuable because of its high photo quality. It can quickly scan, share, organize, and save documents, panoramas, postcards, and photos. The easy-to-use mobile application enables the users to capture the voice of loved ones. The device is ideal for creating a huge variety of slideshows. You can easily design and share your stories about your photos from your smart devices and smartphones. It can be a first-hand perspective for generations to come. The efficient software enables the users to work without any hassle. It is simple to manage their task with the help of this software.

It is the best flatbed scanner for photos and negatives because it brings old photos to life with color restoration, auto enhancement, and more. Offering the ultimate versatility, it contains a variety of format choices for instant enlargements, archiving, and sharing. Due to this feature, you can share stories with future generations. This Epson scanner comes with the FastFoto application to include text and voice in your photos. It creates slideshows right from your smartphones. Due to the wireless and USB connectivity, it is easy to connect for flexible placement. It is simple and very easy to use for users.

You will enjoy flexible and super-class scanning because it offers different format options. It has the perfect picture imaging system and brings new life to old photos, rotates, crop, de-skew, red-eye reduction, color restoration, and auto enhancement. Enjoy the longevity of the product with the super-class functions.


  • Capture both the image and any handwritten notes on the back in a single scan
  • Fastfoto application for photo scanning
  • Offers high-quality picture 
Epson RapidReceipt RR-70W
Epson RapidReceipt RR-70W (Image credit: Epson)

Epson RapidReceipt RR-70W

Best Portable Flatbed Photo Scanner


USB or wireless operation

Instant receipt software

Battery power allows easy scanning


The menu icon is hidden

Pricy product

This model is the right product, whether a small business or an individual. This scanner provides you with high-quality scanning to create the records. You can share, protect, organize, and restore photos, postcards, panoramas, and polaroids up to 8″ x 10″. It helps you preserve your valuable pictures and makes a record of your life. Not only this, you can give life to your old pictures, photos, and negatives. These are highly wonderful for users who want to enjoy the best color quality. The scanner comes with fantastic color accuracy that offers high-tech color accuracy.

You will love this best portable flatbed photo scanner because it is lightweight so that you can transfer it from one place to another. The user-friendly software is excellent, which makes its function much better. It enables the users to work without any hassle. It is simple to manage their task with the help of this software. For your busy office, it is an ideal device because it has the capacity for thousands of photos quickly, one photo per second at 300 dpi, and batch scans up to 35 photos at a time. Due to the wireless and USB connectivity, it is easy to connect for flexible placement. It is simple and very easy to use for users.

Epson is a famous brand that offers excellent office devices in the industry. Most people prefer to buy Epson scanners because they are great for offering color accuracy and picture quality.


  • Can share, protect, organize, and restore the photos
  • Batch scans up to 35 photos at a time
  • Easy connectivity options


For the majority of the buyers, it is challenging to choose the best flatbed scanner for photos. For this purpose, one should explore the market. To save your time and effort, we have prepared a list of the best-selling products in the market. We have researched for those products that are efficient and multi-functional so that you can get information about them. Regarding the efficiency of these products, we are highly confident because top brands in the industry have manufactured them. Due to the high-tech specifications, these are innovative and efficient. No doubt, the innovative scanners are designed with innovative technology.

In this guide, we have developed detailed descriptions of the products, pros, and cons. All these things are beneficial for you to choose the best one. Not only this, our quick shopping tips are highly useful for those who are new to the market. You can pick the correct item with the help of our unbiased review here. It will help you to settle on a savvy decision without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a flatbed scanner scan photos?

The scanner allows users to scan negatives, photos, and other printed materials. These are excellent for scanning photos since they have a large surface area. This feature makes it simple to move the photo around without flipping it.

What is the best scanner to use for pictures?

The best scanner to scan photos is the one that comes with the feature of high resolution. It can scan at a high resolution (600 dpi).

What is the difference between a photo scanner and a document scanner?

A photo scanner comes with better color depth and high resolution. On the other hand, the document scanner does not need color depth, accuracy, and high resolution.

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